Thursday, October 29, 2009


Help. I'm getting so restless! I wanted to see the world, but if I'm not actually seeing it, I'd rather be back at school.

Say, being a traveling doll is really quite dangerous, isn't it? My school has hosted the two traveling dolls who've never, ever made it back home.

Oh Sophie, grow up! It's not as if you're in a dangerous place. You're just delayed...just stationed between point A and point B.

But help. Help, help, help.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

I'm still here (just a bit delayed)!

Salut tout le monde,

I'm still here in Utah. While I CANNOT wait to see my next host again (hehe, I've met her once before!), my current host is still undergoing rehab-and I must be patient. Patience is a virtue that I sometimes have trouble with, so I guess now is as good a time as any to practice it.

Meanwhile, Gracie (the JLY 28 who switched with me this past spring) has made it back, and we are now discussing her stay at Fair Hollow School for Girls and how crazy my classmates are. If you haven't yet seen her album, you can see it if you click here.

Now, because I hate posting an update without a picture, I'll leave you with a picture from my arrival album. I officially arrived in Virginia in December 2006 and first attended FHSG in January 2007. Hehe, I had everyone's attention from the moment I arrived; nearly everyone wanted to be friends with me (but BOY, do I HATE that outfit!).

Love, Sophie


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