Saturday, September 10, 2011

Packing for Alaska!

With 6 days left, Marsali and I decided to get a head start on packing for our Alaskan cruise. Deciding what to bring was the easiest part. Certainly, we'd need outfits for every occasion imaginable and, oh, wouldn't lounge chairs be nice to bring, too?

By the time we'd finished deciding what to bring, the pile of stuff had really accumulated. "How will we ever pack all of this?" I worried. Marsali, ever the seasoned pro when it comes to cruises, reassured me that we'd find a way. So, we thought for a bit, and finally, I suggested that we needed to come up with a way to organize our belongings.

Marsali agreed and proposed the perfect solution - suitcases! She had suitcases galore, from smallest to largest. So, we set to work, arranging our clothes in the order that we'd be wearing them. We made sure we had everything, including shoes and hair accessories!

By the time we'd finished packing all of the clothes into the suitcases, we were pooped. Taking a little break, we had some soda. I also took the opportunity to thank Marsali, once again, for inviting me along on the cruise. It was such a nice gesture on her part; I know I will remember this trip forever!

After our break, we loaded the smaller suitcases into the big piece of luggage and ended up with a little room to spare ... which turned out to be a good thing. In our haste, we'd forgotten that Novya hadn't brought her things over to us yet. We both felt bad when we saw Novya trotting up, lugging her suitcases.

We laughed it off and turned to help Novya repack her things. With a little rearranging, we were soon able to pack her things with ease. Whew!


Saturday, September 3, 2011

The Bike Course

After our horse ride, Taryn and Taryn G. decided to go on a challenging bike course. Marsali and I, faithful friends that we are, cheered on the two cyclists.

The two girls maneuvered around rocks, rode through a roundabout, and rode up a ramp before crossing the finish line as champions. Even Taryn G., while not as experienced a bike rider as Taryn, made it through without stopping, and we were so proud of her.

We shot our fists into the air while screaming, "Hip-hip-hooray!" It was a perfect ending to a day full of fun.

See the album HERE.



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