Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Jessica McConnell Show!

Woo-hoo! I got be interviewed by the famous Jessica McConnell of Star Valley! Molly McIntire of Water St. co-hosted, and silly Peggy filmed a segment, too.

Watch it here:
(although, if you're like me and my classmates, you won't be able to watch just one episode!)

Hors d'oeuvres, Jess!

(Just kidding.)


Sunday, August 8, 2010

Fun with the Sisterhood of the Water St. girls!

Salut, mes amis! Wondering where I've been? These past few weeks I've been hanging out and just having a blast with the Sisterhood of the Water St. Girls in New Hampshire. I've also got to meet a few of the Star Valley girls, too, although I'll be officially visiting Star Valley soon enough.

Anyhow, I was quite tired when I arrived on July 23rd, so Jenn just let me sleep the day away. When I awoke, I was greeted by Elphie, and having already talked to her a bit online, I was ecstatic to finally meet her in person.

Soon enough, I met Mia, and we headed off on a road trip to the Natick AG Boutique & Bistro - quel amusement! Jenn and Missy were even kind enough to get me my own souvenir shirt. (Thank You!)

Mia and I (with Mischa and Emily of Star Valley) even had fun in the bathroom. Here we are meeting our "mirror friends" - kind of like Anne Shirley's dear window friend in Anne of Green Gables.
Bien sûr, looking at my mirror reflection made me miss my own dear twin, Juliette. I decided to go look for her in the store, but since she's still back in Paris and isn't looking to apply to school over here at this time, I knew any girls who looked like me in the store were just unrelated clones. But don't I wish that Juliette had been among them!

After leaving the mall, we stopped on the French King Bridge to admire the pretty view. Here I am with Water St.'s newest resident, Solana. Isn't she gorgeous?

On August 1st, Elphie and I decided to join Sarah and Annie of Star Valley on a visit to Ashuelot Park in Keene, NH. Here I am at the park's entrance:

We did a bit of hiking, posed with some pretty wildflowers, climbed a few trees, and found these really cool rocks to climb on. Park outings are the BEST because there are so many things you can do and so many things that stimulate the imagination. Like we found this grove of trees that looked almost magical in appearance! Elphie wanted to try some spells underneath them. Of course, I'd be all for that - except I'm not a witch. ;)

So, what's your favorite thing to do at the park on a summer day?

Ton amie,


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