Who Am I?

  • Full Name: Sophie Amélie Moreau
  • Doll Type: JLY 25 (version H – I Like Your Style! meet outfit)
  • Received: December 25, 2006
  • Birthday: August 9
  • Name Meaning -
  •     Sophie: French form of Sophia - meaning "wisdom" in Greek
  •     Amélie: French form of Amelia - variant of Amalia - from Germanic Amala meaning "work"
  •     Moreau: Old French meaning "little dark"
  • Nationality: French 
  • Descended from: France [Dad is from Burgundy/Bourgogne region]; Poland [maternal grandparents emigrated from Poland]
  • Hometown: Paris, France (arondissement: Montmartre)
  • Age: 13 turning 14 (8th grade)
  • Roommate: Juliette Moreau
  • TV Show(s): Law & Order: Special Victims Unit; Pushing Daisies; NCIS
  • Movie(s): Le Fabuleux Destin d’Amélie Poulain; À la folie, pas du tout; Coco avant Chanel; Chocolat; The Da Vinci Code; Un long dimanche de fiançailles; National Treasure; Mists of Avalon; Paris, Je T'aime; Jeux d'Enfants; Hors de Prix; 2 Days in Paris; Midnight in Paris; Alex & Emma; La Vie En Rose; Black Swan; Before Sunset
  • Actor/Actress: Audrey Tautou; Juliette Binoche; Mathieu Kassovitz ; Gaspard Ulliel; Jean Reno; Diane Kruger; Justin Bartha; Nicolas Cage; Julianna Margulies; Nathalie Baye; Johnny Depp; Marion Cotillard; Clémence Poésy; Guillaume Canet; Sophie Marceau; Julie Delpy
  • Music: Carla Bruni; Emily Loizeau; Alizée; Coldplay; Coralie Clément; Coeur de Pirate
  • Books: The Da Vinci Code; Nancy Drew; The Lovely Bones
  • Hobbies: traveling; photography; blogging; listening to music; watching movies; shopping; solving/reading mysteries; acting/getting involved in theatre; ballet; performing science experiments
  • Mother: Sylvie Kowalski [prima ballerina turned dance instructor at the Paris Opera House]
  • Father: Jean-Luc Moreau [works in advertising]
  • Sibling(s): Juliette Adrienne Moreau (younger sister; ten months apart!)
  • Pet(s): n/a
  • Religious Beliefs? Agnostic Christian
  • Countries Lived In: France, United States 
  • Languages Spoken: fluent in both French and English; learning Polish and Italian
  • Email: travelingsophie@yahoo.fr 

Juliette and me:

I'm Sophie2272 on InnerstarU:

This is my dorm at InnerstarU:


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