Friday, April 9, 2010

Celtic Music Night!

Last night, Jayd lent me a Scottish dress for a Celtic music night in town. Don't we look smart in plaid?

After we'd eaten, we started dancing around to the likes of the celtic band playing. We laughed and twirled each other and had even more fun when we met up with Angel (who even taught me a bit of Irish step-dancing as well!).

See the album here!


Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Le Jour de Pâques...quelle surprise!

Quelle surprise! Marsali and I celebrated Le Jour de Pâques [Easter Day] à la française. We had gotten to talking about Easter, and before I knew it, I was telling her about French Easter traditions.

We then decided that it might be fun to celebrate our own French-style Easter right here in America.

First, we trained one of the girls' horses to bring us les oeufs de Pâques [Easter eggs] so that we could take turns hiding and finding them around the house. Quel amusement!

We then posed for pictures in our pretty Easter dresses before settling down to a dinner of gigot d'agneau [lamb].

Finalement, we found the basket left for us by the bunny, and each of us got a few little things. Do you like my new purple polka-dotted high-tops?

Hope everyone had a fun Easter and/or Passover!


Friday, April 2, 2010

A Mystery to Solve (and meeting Marsali)

Wow, I'm LOVING Oregon! I hadn't even been here a full day yet, and there was already a mystery to solve. If you don't know already, I love a good mystery. There's just something I love about discovering something that's gone wrong and problem-solving until I find the answer. It's even better when you have friends to help you! I don't really have that back at FHSG - unless I can persuade Nathalie to take part - but, here, Jayd and Kelsyee like spying and mysteries as much as I do!

So, anyway, here's the scoop. When we woke up from our deep slumber, we couldn't find Akarya and Mayzee, the girls' two little puppies. Emi checked the yard and confirmed that, yes, the puppies were missing - and that the gate was wide open at that!

Getting dressed quickly, Jayd, Jyzzyee, Emi, and I headed outside (Kelsyee had to stay in because of her cast) to look around the neighborhood, knock on neighbors' doors for information, etc. Not finding anything particularly good, we asked Kelsyee to make signs with pictures of the lost puppies.

As we were putting the signs up, we discovered more newly-put-up signs advertising lost dogs. This was puzzling for sure, especially since Jayd told me that dogs don't go missing often in this community. Then we met up with Kyle, the girls' cousin (How cute is he?!), and he confirmed that his dog went missing this morning, too.

Bewildered, we all went back to the house to discuss possibilities - our one big lead being the green explorer we'd seen passing our house. Could the owner of the green explorer be taking all of the dogs in the neighborhood?

When Kyle and Sarafina came over, we decided to go out looking again - on bikes this time. But we didn't have any luck! No green explorer. No puppies. Dismayed and a little bit discouraged, we headed home, hoping that we'd be more successful on another day.

Of course, the weather has not been on our side! Typical March and April weather, that's for sure. It's been raining so much lately that we haven't been able to go back outside and resume looking for the dogs. Hopefully that day will come soon - and hopefully we'll get those poor puppies back home where they belong.

Meanwhile, Marsali returned from the hospital (looking even more beautiful than ever!), and lately, I've been spending a lot of time with her. We've already become really good friends, and I suspect we'll be even closer by the time my visit ends. ;)

If you haven't yet seen the album of our mystery, you can see it here.

Hopefully I'll have good news about the puppies by the next time I update!



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