Friday, July 9, 2010

Une boîte mystérieuse à la maison de Kit-Kat!

That is, "a mysterious box at Kit-Kat's house."

A few days after my bizarre fainting spell (the one I attributed to extreme fangirling!), Kit-Kat called me into their office. My (superior, if I do say so myself!) detective work in the past had helped me land a position in Kit-Kat's Impossible Mission Force, and they needed me to take over a case.

So, like any good detective, I got my facts straight first. Samantha and Nellie had received a rather odd package with no return address. Not knowing the identity of the sender nor the contents of the package, they were hesitant to open it.

Nellie led me over to Rebecca and Audriana, the two girls who'd initially found the package. Rebecca, too obsessed with a set of authentic school supplies from 1904 to really have much time to answer questions, could really only tell me that the box had been wrapped in such beautiful packaging that she felt obliged to keep it herself.

Audriana was a little more helpful. She confirmed that the box was addressed to Samantha and Nellie and that it seemed to have come from a foreign country. Knowing Samantha and Nellie were from Monaco, this sounded plausible.

At this point, Rebecca suddenly looked up from her school supplies and said that the package had come from Liechtenstein. Nellie, trying to think if she and Samantha had known anyone from Liechtenstein, had the girls' other princess friend, Marie, come over.

Marie guessed that the box was from the third member of the "Princess Triplets" - what the press called the three princesses of Monaco, Liechtenstein, and France who were close in age. The third member had lost contact with Samantha and Marie, but Marie guessed that maybe she was trying to get back in touch...

Later that evening, I performed a few forensic tests on the box to determine its safety. Believing that whatever was in the box was harmless, I let Samantha open it the next morning. Inside was her mother's childhood doll, Clara, a doll Samantha thought had been lost!

But I wondered why the third member of the Princess Triplets would have the doll that had belonged to Samantha's mother and was only just now sending it to Samantha herself. Then something crossed my mind: was this third member of the Princess Triplets actually related to Samantha? Had this girl come to the States to join Samantha at school?

My suspicions were confirmed when we found the Princess of Liechtenstein herself a few towns over, and yes, she did have a story to tell! Just what was it? Read the full album here!

Boy do I love it when I get to solve a mystery while I'm traveling! ;)



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