Saturday, September 25, 2010

An addendum to my last post.


Oh, les pirates! Some of you were a bit surprised by the fact that I like pirates enough to participate on Talk Like A Pirate Day - or Journée Internationale du Parler Pirate, as us French know le 19 septembre.

Bien sûr, I can't really say I'm all that obsessed with pirates. To be honest, I'd probably forget all about the significance of le 19 septembre if it wasn't for AGPT's more than subtle reminder. C'est le film s'appelle "Les Pirates des Caraïbes" que j'aime beaucoup. Johnny Depp comme un pirate est sexy, non?

But, anyway, I got to thinking about les pirates français - French pirates - and that led me to countless Google searches on the matter. How would les pirates français talk anyway? Is there a version of Pirate Speak en français? Would they just speak English and use the general Pirate Speak so many of us love? I mean, I know we French have our own chatspeak what with the rise of cellphones and texting (For instance, J'm can often be a shortened form of J'aime), so there's got to be a French version of Pirate Speak. Right? I've yet to find the answer.

I did find something pretty neat, though. Sabine, tu adores la chanteuse s'appelle Édith Piaf, oui? Admittedly, I haven't listened to her all that much (I know, I'm a bad French girl), but she sang a song called "Le Chant Du Pirate."

Et les paroles (en français naturellement) sont ICI.

Happy Listening!
And, if you should find anything about French pirates and if there is a French version of Pirate Speak, let me know. :)


Sunday, September 19, 2010

Avast, me mateys, here's a pirate tale for ya!

Avast, me mateys! Bootlace Betsy here. Today is Talk Like a Pirate Day, and if you didn't know that, save yourself the embarrassment and walk the plank already!

Aye, lassies, I've a real booty for ya today - a swashbucklin' tale that's sure to have ya shouting, "Shiver me timbers!" It's a tale landlubbers and privateers alike will take delight in, so kick off those shoes you nicked from that last ship you raided, grab some nice, cold grog, and enjoy!

Just click thar and follow the links to read:

Now, if ya'll excuse me, I'm off to parley with a scallywag y'all might otherwise know as Cap'n Jack Sparrow!

~Bootlace Betsy

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Exploring NH, VT, and MA with the Star Valley crew!

Salut, mes amis!

Guesting on The Jessica McConnell Show wasn't the only fun thing I've gotten to do while visiting New Hampshire's own Star Valley.

My visit began with a trip to Weston, VT to see a musical called Marvelous Wonderettes at the Weston Playhouse. My new friends Molly (of Water St.), Sarah, and Peggy accompanied me, which was great fun since we all love theatre!

On August 16th, Gwen and Alison took me to visit the Basketball Hall of Fame in Springfield, MA. Isn't the basketball-shaped building pretty cool looking?

We all thought this large basketball shoe was pretty neat, too:

Speaking of large basketball shoes, here I am as compared to one of Shaq's. Haha, either I am small or Shaq's feet are ginormous (or maybe it's a little bit of both)!

On August 29th, the town of Star Valley hosted their first annual block party. I was so excited that my visit had coincided nicely with the event that I convinced Sarah to dress in coordinating outfits with me. Here we are perusing crafts made by Molly M., Emily, Susan, and Linda at camp:

The block party consisted of a talent show, live entertainment by Peggy on her guitar, delicious baked goods, and - the best part - friends galore! Following the party, a dance was held because we were just having too much fun to quit. ;)

On August 30th, Sarah and Linda took me on another sightseeing trip. Our first stop: Historic Deerfield in Deerfield, MA! It was here that I got to missing Laura a bit because she's actually been to Deerfield - even if that was about eight or nine years ago now.

Barnard Tavern wasn't open, though, so no drinks for us, haha! So, we just walked around a bit, admiring the gorgeous historical buildings - even passing the Wilson Printing Office that was featured in the Pleasant Company AG Club handbook (Felicity's section).

I was particularly amazed by the many signs of autumn that I saw on my walk around Deerfield. The leaves were already beginning to turn orange, yellow, and red, and quite a few had already fallen to the ground. I guess I'm too used to the onset of autumn in late October/November, but I could easily get used to this, too. Oh please, Laura, can we move to New England? S'il vous plaît?

Feeling as bold as Felicity, Linda, Sarah, and I walked atop a fence a bit before walking through a real working farm and then looking at some old gravestones in the burial ground. Spooky, no?

Next stop: the Deerfield Yankee Candle Flagship store! It's sort of become a tradition for traveling guests to visit this store, and I didn't want to break tradition. ;)

We checked out some of the ornately dressed nutcrackers, met a bear searching for a frontier girl named Kirsten (haha), listened to some carolers, and took in a wonderful concert put on by the Rolling Bones. I even tried to befriend a knight, but unfortunately, he wasn't at all interested in me or what I had to say. Oh well!

On September 5th, I borrowed a pioneer dress and visited The Fort at No. 4 in Charlestown, NH, a living history museum teaching what it was like to live in an English colony in 1740.

Here is a bird's eye view of the Fort:

Sam and Liz accompanied me on this sightseeing trip.

We played with some Colonial toys - ring toss, a pretty doll that Sam is holding, Jacob's Ladder - and then checked out the rest of the Fort. Liz and I tried to do some weaving, but quickly gave up on that, LOL! We watched some re-enactors firing off a cannon, wishing that we had ear plugs all the while. We checked out an Algonquin wigwam and saw some birchbark canoes. We also went to the Colonial schoolroom where I wrote, "Sophie was here!" on a slate. :)

Just a pretty photo of me as a frontier girl! (Don't get any ideas, Laura, this is just a one-day thing! I'm too modern to become a permanent time-traveler!)

To see the entire album, click HERE.

Ton amie,


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