Friday, June 25, 2010

Hors du prix ou Impayable!

Non, pas le film "Hors du Prix" avec Audrey Tautou.

Mais je besoin à regarder-le.

Mais sériousement, I've been in Ohio for a few weeks now - and I'm having a great time meeting all of the OWT girls! - but my initial reaction to meeting the infamous Kit-Kat was very impayable, very priceless. C'est un moment classique!

I went from watching Kit-Kat and Baby dancing around in their Lady Gaga-esque costumes (and was kind of reminded of that funny Glee episode!) to

...this! Je me suis évanoui! I fainted! I actually fainted at the sight of Kit-Kat and Baby-Ruthie! LOL! I didn't actually think of myself as the "fainting type," but I just felt strangely dizzy at that very moment, the chatter around me faded in volume, and I blacked out. C'est bizarre - cette sensation de vertige. It's weird - this dizzy sensation.

Maybe I was just so shocked at meeting the twins...? They were visiting FHSG right as I arrived, but that strange girl named Maura Cassidy told me to avoid meeting them. So, I did. They went on their way before I even met them.

But I stayed curious about those girls I avoided and willed myself to visit them. As for fainting upon meeting them, I don't know what came over me! Je ne comprends pas! Could I really be that much of a Kit-Kat fan-girl that I'd faint at the very sight of them?!

Ton amie,

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Adventures in Colorado!

Hi all,

As I'm heading off to my next host, I thought I'd update you on some of the fun I've been having with Kiki, Luci, and the girls in Colorado. After all, I do have a WiFi connection in my travel box!

Luci and I visited her town's little Miner's Museum, and I saw this pretty little doll! Isn't she neat? I'm not much of a doll person myself, but I like seeing antique dolls and imagining what lives they might've led with their own little girls.

Luci, Kiki, Mia, Eva, and I had our own little coal mining adventure. Kiki and Luci were the "breaker boys" and had to separate the coal from the rocks, Mia (with her funny mustache!) was their boss, I was the mule driver (with Starburst and Sombrita as the mules!), and Eva (not pictured) was the wealthy mine owner. It was a fun adventure, although I cannot imagine that real coal mining would be nearly as fun (much too dangerous).

Mia, Eva, and I also had another little adventure in the treehouse - a pirate adventure! We tied on our bandannas and pretended to load up our ship (the treehouse) for a grand ocean adventure. Did we see Captain Jack Sparrow? Don't I wish! ;)

As the days grew warmer, Luci led me outside to sit on the fence and just watch life run its natural course. That might sound a little boring to you, but I wasn't bored in the slightest! The view from Luci's backyard is breathtakingly beautiful with the mountains on the horizon line and the big, blue sky looming ahead. I can see why Nicki-Vicki love Colorado so much!

Before I had to leave, Kiki wanted to take me on a hiking adventure. As a city girl at heart, hiking was such an unusual experience for me. I felt as if I was on another planet (albeit a really gorgeous planet)! Silly me even tried to touch the cacti, but Kiki pulled my hand away just in time.

I've have such a great time in Colorado that I do hate to leave! I shall really miss Mia, Eva, Kiki, Luci, and Holly! Thank you, girls, for letting me come and visit. :)

Ton amie,


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