Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Le Jour de Pâques...quelle surprise!

Quelle surprise! Marsali and I celebrated Le Jour de Pâques [Easter Day] à la française. We had gotten to talking about Easter, and before I knew it, I was telling her about French Easter traditions.

We then decided that it might be fun to celebrate our own French-style Easter right here in America.

First, we trained one of the girls' horses to bring us les oeufs de Pâques [Easter eggs] so that we could take turns hiding and finding them around the house. Quel amusement!

We then posed for pictures in our pretty Easter dresses before settling down to a dinner of gigot d'agneau [lamb].

Finalement, we found the basket left for us by the bunny, and each of us got a few little things. Do you like my new purple polka-dotted high-tops?

Hope everyone had a fun Easter and/or Passover!



Avery V. said...

It sounds like you and Marsali had a great Easter. :) You two look very pretty in your spring dresses.

Eleanor Rose Cecilia Woods said...

Hey Soph, its me Elle or as Emmett from legally blonde the musical calles me Little Woods,Elle! So maybe when we are writing to each other during the holidays you could teach me a few of the traditons! Love,

all4dolls said...

Maybe we can learn French we you come visit us! Elena can teach you Spanish. ;)
~Kiki, Mia & Eva

Susie said...

Those dresses are pretty and you got some neat goodies! The hightops are neat!


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