Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Le 23 novembre: Joyeux Anniversaire, Inky!


Yesterday was Inky's 11th birthday. Joyeux Anniversaire, mon amie! Last year, she wished for a birthday party with an Ugly Doll theme. This year, that wish came true. The party room was decked out with everything Ugly Doll - an Ice Bat cake, a room garland, and party games.

Violet and I were the only girls in attendance which is okay because small parties are definitely the best. :)

We started out by playing the game that Piper suggested - Pin the Eye on the Ice Bat! As Violet and Inky blindfolded me and spun me around a few times, they challenged me to see if I could place the eye in the correct spot.


I didn't come close, but Inky and Violet assured me that it's all in the fun.


As for presents, Inky received an Ice Bat hat from Violet and a really sweet gift from her parents that you'll have to read about on her blog. Of course, I didn't feel right showing up empty-handed - without a present for Inky - but what could I do? The Valdez girls invited me to their birthday party, too, and I didn't have a present them either. It's not like I can tote birthday presents around all year, waiting for birthday parties to attend, but still, I kind of feel bad. :/

Anyway, forgiving that, I had a great time at Inky's birthday party, all dressed up in yet another of Inky's special Liberty Jane outfits. And doesn't Inky look really nice, too? The t-shirt dress looks stunning on her. I know she doesn't like to wear dresses all that much, and this one is a nice "dressy-but-not-too-dressy" option. :)



Sabine Bouchard said...

Le 23 novembre était l'anniversaire de Miley aussi! :) Inky has a very memorable birthday.
Please tell her that I said, "joyeux anniversaire"! J'adore sa robe aussi. La couleur est parfaite, aussi.
J'adore ton habite aussi, spécialement le tee-shirt. J'adore cette couleur de verte. N'est pas Liberty Jane sensationnelle?

Avery Voisin said...

It looks like Inky had a great birthday! I'm glad you guys had fun. I love her cake, game, and party theme. Happy Birthday, Inky!

Inky said...

Merci Sophie! I can't believe I have the same birthday as Miley Cyrus. How embarrassing is that?

Thanks for wearing all my girly clothes. You look great in them!

And don't feel bad for not getting me a birthday present. Getting to have you visit me is the best present, okay? Who else would come meet me after all my Nutcracker rehearsals? Okay, I know you're probably shopping in Manhattan, but I love taking the subway home together.

Cali Hazelwood said...

Happy birthday, Inky! It looks like she had a wonderful time :)
Hope your having fun in New York!


Clickorice~ said...

Bonjour, Sophie! My name is Chelsea, and I share this account with my sister, Laura!

You look like you had lots of fun at the party! And you didn't do too badly at pin the eye on the Icebat! Lol! And you should know that your presence is a present in itself, because a friend is the best present you can get!

Susie said...

It looks like you had fun at Inky's party. Don't feel bad about not having a present to give-traveling is a good reason, as you said.

I hope that at some point I'll be able to visit Inky again-for longer than my last visit. That would be fun!

And both the outfits you and Inky are wearing are cute.

The Valdez Quintuplets said...

Oh our goodnesses! You're so lucky getting to wear that shirt! We keep admiring it on the Liberty Jane pattern site.

Happy Birthday to Inky!

And your visit was our birthday present! (Lorikeet, however, wants to point out that belated birthday gifts are good too. Don't forget our next birthday is coming up soon, too. Sora says ignore her.)

Anonymous said...

Dear Sophie,
It looks like you are having a wonderful time in NYC, with your friend Inky. Will you be there through the holidays or are you heading home for them?

Winnie said...

It looks like you had a lot of fun at Inky's party! Thanks for leaving me a comment- I love shopping too! You should head down to AGP Atlanta sometime, perhaps we could shop together!

The Valdez Quintuplets said...

Update! Update! Update! It's been almost a month since your last entry. What have you been up to?


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