Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Shopping in Seattle!

Hi again!

Before we got on the cruise, Kimmy, Novya, Marsali, and I stopped for a last minute shopping spree at the American Girl store in Seattle, Washington. This was a real treat for me because I've always wanted to visit Seattle! Maybe someday I'll get to explore more of it, but for now, I'm pretty content.

Before heading into the store, we stopped to pose for some pictures. We could barely contain our excitement, so I don't know how we managed to stay still for this long!

Once inside, Marsali and I immediately headed towards the Kanani display. We thought about our friend Vienna, who looks just like Kanani! She wasn't able to make the trip, but she would've loved to have had her photo taken here.

We walked around the store together, helping each other decide what to buy. Once we'd both made purchases, we stepped outside for a breather. As we looked through those infamous red shopping bags, our minds wandered to the cruise and how much fun it would be to wear our new purchases onboard.

We went back into the store a little while later to have dessert at the bistro with Novya, Maggie, Elizabeth, and Kit. We got our own pink seats and were promptly served mugs of pink lemonade - yum! As we waited for our sugary treats to come, we chatted about the day and how much fun shopping in an AG store always is. I told the girls about my visits to the AG stores in Los Angeles, Minneapolis, Natick, and New York. I can't believe I've been to all of those stores now! That's five stores, counting Seattle.

After dessert, we wandered around the store a bit more and helped the big people do more shopping. I stopped for a visit with the lovely Rebecca Rubin. She has the nicest bedroom, doesn't she? I'm sure the Becky who goes to my school would love all of this...if only I had the room in my travel box!

See more photos here: American Girl Seattle!

I'm actually starting to pack my things up, so I can head back to school soon. I left school in April 2009 and haven't been back since, so I think it's definitely time to head back. It's been a great round of travels, and while I've loved meeting so many new friends, relaxing at home in my own bed is always nice, too! Well, okay, I'm not going home to Paris, but I can't have it all...

I'll post about the cruise soon! The weather was not on our side at all, but I still had a blast exploring the ship itself.



Miranda said...

Oh my gosh! AG Place Seattle sounded like loads of fun! You should tell us what you bought there! :D I've been to the Los Angeles, Chicago, and Minneapolis AG Place stores, and they were really fun.

I can't wait to hear how your cruise was! :)


The Greens and The Roses said...

Looks like you had a good time! We've never been to an AG store; our guardian has, but she stopped there while she was attending a conference, so none of us girls were with her. Maybe someday.

It's so cool that you've visited so many... and traveled so far. It's awesome how many places you've visited!



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