Thursday, November 8, 2012

Ma chambre à coucher!

Salut mes amis, 



Bienvenue à ma chambre à coucher! Welcome to my bedroom at Fair Hollow School for Girls, or - at least - my bedroom at the moment. I usually like to revamp it at least once a year. Would you like a tour?

This is an overall view of my side of the bedroom: 

I keep so many treasures stored away in my room! Sometimes I can entertain myself for hours just looking at everything I own:

At the foot of my bed, I keep my wooden chest that I brought all of the way from Paris! A special gift from my grandparents, I store important documents like my passeport and visa inside. On top of the trunk, you can see Nathalie's purple skating bag. She's always leaving her stuff in my room! I also keep my trusty headphones and basket of fashion magazines here:

This is my bed. It's nothing fancy - just a plain wooden bed reminiscent of one a pioneer would use. Still, it serves its purpose! Do you like my French flag comforter? It was a gift from some of my very best friends!

Here are some of my posters! I love having a lot of posters on display in my room. Not only do they jazz up the walls, but they remind me of past adventures I've had, friends I've made, and shows I love:

Cécile, my American Girl doll, stays in her special place of honor at the foot of my bed:

More toys inhabit the head of my bed, and you can see my calendar on the wall above the bed. There's also my personalized New Hampshire license plate, as well as a television (playing Nathalie's favorite movie, Anne of Green Gables: The Sequel).

Meet my toys! From left to right, we have Ninja Batty Shogun, Ice Bat, Mathilde, Abima, and Secret Mission Ice Bat. Obviously, they are all UglyDolls, with the exception of Mathilde. She was a special gift from my grandfather when I was a little girl:

This is my nightstand. I keep reading glasses, flashlights, and other small things in the drawers. On top of the nightstand, you can see my box of tissues, my new alarm clock, my copy of Meet Cécile, and my iPad:

These are my bookshelves. I have a huge collection of books - everything from American Girl books to textbooks - on these shelves. I also keep a few travel souvenirs here. Can you see my figurines of La Tour Eiffel and the Big Ben?

My desk dates back to the 1930s; how cool is that?! I do everything from homework to surfing Facebook at this desk, as you can probably tell just by looking at what I keep on it!

I store cards and letters from my friends on the ribbon board that hangs above my desk: 

This is my extra bed. It's where Juliette sleeps when she's here (She's currently taking advanced dance courses at the Paris Opéra Ballet School!) and also where a friend would sleep, should anyone come for a visit. Juliette and I keep Rose and Félix, our Valentine's Day bears, on this bed.

Several posters hang above this bed, too. Behind the bed, you can see my closet! I keep most of my favorite clothes in here, and you can see some of my other toys on top of the closet (including Palin, the Alaskan moose; Oliver, the otter; my travel gnome; and Belle).

The other bed is also where Wippy, Juliette's UglyDoll, hangs out:

What is your bedroom like? What's your favorite item in your room? Least favorite? 



Violet said...

My room is really, really simple compared to yours. I don't have any posters, or magazines, or an iPad, but I do have a desk. Mine is purple with a 90s macintosh computer on top.
I have a wardrobe, that holds all my clothes.
Love your room!


sophiaandemma said...

We were wondering when Juliette was going to be coming back. Our favorite things in our room are: For me Sophia it's y stuffed Orangutan and for me Emma it's my webkinz love puppy. For me Sophia, my least favorite thing in our room is Emma (just joking, I love my sister).
Sophia and Emma

The Spicys said...

What a beautiful room! our room is very boring...your's is so inspiration.

Anna Lee said...

Ooh, Sophie, I love your room! You have so many cool things in it...your pictures are really fun to look at. We don't even have space here for me to have my room set up all the time...but when my bed is out I love my penguin quilt. :)

The Valdez Quintuplets said...

Your room is so neat! Right now ours is unusable because Jill's been using it to store stuff. So we've taken over the living room, which means we get a nice big bed and our own gigantic tv! Needless to say, we haven't slept in weeks...

But eventually we'll have our own space again, in a new location,and we're planning on doing lots of cool things with it.

- The Quincesses :) :) :) :) :)

Bolton Girls said...

Very kewl room Sophie, I miss having a room to decorate and have fun in, ours are just back to our bed size rooms mostly. I love seeing yours and Inky's rooms, they are so kewl.


WaterStGirls said...

You're room is great Sophie. Hope Juliette comes home soon, what an exciting opportunity though.


Samantha Parkridge said...

Looks fantastic! I share a room with my younger sister Olive, but I can't complain since I have a purple loft bed from McKenna's collection :)

Natalia said...

I love your room! One day could you make a post showing us all your books? I love your bookshelf and it looks like you have some interesting books in their!
Do you like to read? I love to!
~Love Hannah
Natalia's doll

Clarke family said...

I have a Cecile mini doll as well! Her hair tends to go crazy, doesn't it?

I LOOVE your blog by the way! Keep up the good work!



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