Monday, February 25, 2013

The Post - Christmas Winter Party

Salut mes amis,                                                           

The quints surprised me with yet another gift: a gingerbread house-making kit! Even though the making of gingerbread houses is typically an activity to do around Christmas, I decided to save the kit to do with my friends back at Fair Hollow School for Girls. 
So, last week, I told Jessa, Chiara, and Nathalie to meet me in the school kitchen for our very own 'Post - Christmas Winter Party.' After all, we'd never even gotten to celebrate Christmas together, with me being back in Paris and all! The four of us gathered around the large wooden table where I'd laid out the gingerbread pieces and contemplated how to go about building the houses.

Chiara grabbed the instruction booklet and proceeded to read the step-by-step directions aloud to Jessa, Nathalie, and me. Slowly but surely, the three of us worked together to build two of the four houses included in the kit.

It was really difficult not to lick the icing while we were spreading it onto the edges of the houses, and I'm pretty sure that we all snuck bits of icing into our mouths at some point (I did, I'll admit to it!).

When we'd stuck enough icing on the houses so they'd stay up without falling, it was time for the best part: decorating the exteriors! First, we needed to spread icing on the roofs of the houses. This, I decided, was my job:

Then Nathalie spooned candy onto the roof of the first house. The candy wanted to roll right off of the roof, so she had to be very careful about applying it the right way:

Jessa spooned candy onto the roof of the other house:

Chiara added colorful gummy candy onto the ridge of the rooftops:

We took turns adding jellybeans and conversation hearts to the houses, though you can bet some of those scampered into our mouths in the process!

When we finally decided that we had enough candy on the houses, Nathalie and I added the finishing touch: mint - flavored gummy trees!

Here we are with the finished houses! That's Jessa on the far left, then Chiara, Nathalie, and me! 

Here is a closer look at our finished houses. The one on the left didn't come out as cleanly as we wanted because it fell apart mid-decoration! None of us girls has ever been great at assembling gingerbread houses, but as long as we have fun, perfection doesn't matter . . . right? 

The quintuplets had also baked us a cake roll and a tin full of holiday-themed cookies. So, after we cleaned up a bit, we each pulled up a chair and loaded up a plate full of treats. There were plenty of gingerbread men (and women!), sugar cookies, and slices of strawberry jam-filled cake roll to go around, and we washed it all down with mugs of cold milk (the mugs were also gifts!). 

Here Jessa munches a sugar cookie decorated with red icing while Nathalie sips milk from her adorable new penguin mug:

And here we have Chiara eating a gingerbread (wo)man while I'm sipping milk from my gingerbread (wo)man mug:

These cookies were really too pretty to eat - at least, that's what we thought initially! However, they tasted just as nice, too!

Thank you, Sabina, Violeta, Zipporah, Catalina, and Tatiana! Jessa, Nathalie, Chiara, and I had a great time attempting to build and decorate the gingerbread houses you sent us, and we definitely enjoyed eating the cookies and cake roll you sent, too!

Have you ever made a gingerbread house? What kind of candy did you use to decorate it? 



sophiaandemma said...

Hi Sophie,
Yes we have made a gingerbread house before. But our 2012 try was a disaster. We tried to make a trailer :( In 2011 we made one for a contest on a local blog. We didn't win but we sure had fun. One of our favorite parts of it came from an AG magazine :) It was making trees out of sugar cones covered in icing with spearmint leaves candy stuck on the icing. There aren't any photos of it online because it was before we started our blog.
Sophia and Emma

Anonymous said...

Aw, that is seriously sweet. I always look forward to reading your posts and others' as well. It's like swallowing a tasty treat whose taste stays with you for a long time. You, and many other bloggers, inspired me to blog, and here I am, commenting for the first time on your blog. Well, bye!

Andrea Adela (OK i know it says adela but I'm really Andrea.)

Bolton Girls said...

Looks like you guys had tons of fun building your houses, they looked awesome I love them .. we have done that once and it was interesting to say the least.

Miss you tons!!

Libbie Doyle said...

This is adorable!!! I can't imagine how much work you did! Even their little bowls with sprinkles!



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