Thursday, January 21, 2016

New Years and New . . . Injuries?

Salut mes amis!

Bonne Année 2016! Can you believe that it's 2016 already? It's hard for me to remember to write a new date on my school assignments. Does that ever happen to anyone else? Once, I was so mortified because I accidentally wrote 2006 instead of 2016. Eek!

On New Year's Eve, Hodel's parents let us stay up to watch the ball drop. We poured sparkling white grape juice into fancy champagne flutes, toasting to each other's health and happiness when the clock struck midnight in the Ukraine (Hodel's home country), France, and finally in the eastern timezone of the United States. By the time the ball dropped in Times Square, we were exhausted and ready for bed! 

Hodel's parents took this photo of us celebrating the new year. Isn't my sparkly hat cute?
Since the first few days of January were relatively warm, Hodel and I decided to have some outdoor playtime. After grabbing my jacket and a pail of sidewalk chalk, we spent hours drawing an elaborate game of hopscotch on Hodel's driveway. But it wasn't just regular old hopscotch, either. We made up our own twist on the game by combining it with Simon Says and Twister.

After a while, we decided to mix things up by adding in roller skates and a ball into the rules of the game. Unfortunately, we got a little carried away. I was skating really fast, and as Hodel was struggling to catch up with me, she tripped and fell! Ouch.

I kicked off my skates and ran to get Hodel's parents, who then drove her to urgent care. The doctors told her that she had a concussion and would have to be on bed rest for the next few days. I felt really guilty and wished it was me who had tripped instead of Hodel. Hodel reassured me that it wasn't entirely my fault and that we both should have known better. And, besides, a few days playing card games and watching movies inside isn't so bad. I would also have fun playing doctor to my "patient".

When Hodel recovers, we plan to take a trip to the zoo - I can't wait! I wonder what kind of animals we'll see? Will there be red pandas? Foxes? Snakes (eek!)?

How do YOU keep yourself occupied inside when you're sick and/or injured in bed? 

Ton amie,


Melody Silverleaf said...

I'm glad her concussion wasn't one that required major restriction. Really bad ones require dark rooms and no stimulation for recovery.

My sisters and I like to read and watch movies when stuck inside because of being sick. We like doing that when we aren't sick too. When we aren't sick we also play board games, build with Legos, color, and bake.

Get well soon, Hodel!

Sarah Boucher said...

Wait? you're staying with hodel to watch be my valentine charlie brown, wearing a tee that has snoopy holding a candle on it?
i suggest you go home before it airs.

Flo said...

So sorry to hear she got hurt. When I'm home sick, I enjoy reading and watching TV. I hope she is feeling better soon!

AnonymousA said...

Oh my! Hodel, get well soon! Injuries can be scary!


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