Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Je suis terrible!

Après seulement deux mois avec cet blog, j'ai oubliée écrire les nouvelles choses. D'accord, je sais que je suis terrible comme les amies Lindsey et sais! Je ferai mieux; j'écrirai mieux.

After only two months with this blog, I have forgotten to write new things. Okay, I know that I am as terrible as my friends Lindsey and Anya...I know! I will do better; I will write better.

Le 19 janvier a été l'anniversaire de Laura, la mia professoressa alla scuola.  J'ai fait un gateau chocolat pour elle parce que le chocolat est délicieux. 

January 19th was the birthday of Laura, my professor at school (this is Italian because professor is prettier in Italian than in French, I'd say).  I made a chocolate cake for her because chocolate is delicious. 

La fille s'appelle Samantha a acheté un nouveau lit. C'est le couleur de la neige avec les noeuds roses--c'est très jolie et un lit parfait pour une princesse comme Samantha. 

The girl named Samantha bought a new bed. It's the color of snow with pink bows--it's very pretty and a perfect bed for a princess like Samantha.

Le Jour de La Saint-Valentin est bientot! Mes amies et moi ont fait plus des cartes de la Saint-Valentin. Avez-vous déjà fait vos cartes?

Valentine's Day is soon! My friends and I have made lots of valentines. Have any of you started on yours yet?



Wendy said...

Hi Sophie! This is Wendy's friend Quinn. (She's sick right now.) You're so good at French... I'm a little jealous! LOL. No, I haven't started any Valentines yet... maybe I will soon, though. =)

Livia said...

Ciao, Sophie! Oui, j'ai fait mes cartes de la Saint-Valentin, et je ne peux pas attendre Le Jour de La Saint-Valentin!

Haley said...

I haven't even started on my Valentines yet. I've been so busy planning the dance!


~Sabine :) said...

Christelle: SABINE EST tres jalouse! Paris est TRES CHOUETTE!
I started making my cards...they are all Paris themed...tres bien, non?

Sabine: J'ADORE Paris, don't get me wrong! I just don't like when people think I'm from Paris...and they also think I'm related to Christelle.

Christelle: Je ne suis pas mechante, Sabine...

Avery V. said...

Bonjour Sophie! I'm glad to hear from you! Yummmm cake! That was nice of you to make her a cake :)

I haven't started on Valentines yet, oops!

Talk to you later



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