Thursday, December 3, 2009

D'accord. Ce sera vraiment intéressant.

Salut tout le monde!

Ce sera vraiment intéressant. Pourquoi? Maintenant, je suis en route à la personne suivante! La seulement problème est que la personne suivante en ligne a eu à canceller son internet, et la communication entre Laura et cette personne sera difficile maintenant.

Maintenant Laura écriront une véritable lettre à cette personne - cette personne qui je visiterai est la personne de Zipporah et les soeurs habitent avec!

Mais du moins je verrai mon amie encore! Zipporah a visité à moi il y a environ deux ans - elle est une bonne amie. :)


Hey everyone!

This will be really interesting. Why? Now I'm on my way to my next host! The only problem is that the next host in line had to cancel her internet and communication between Laura and my next host will be rather difficult now.

Now Laura will have to write a real letter (and not just email!). But who am I visiting? Jill! You'll know her as the caretaker of Zipporah and her sisters.

But at least I will see my friend again! Zipporah visited with me about two years ago - she is a good friend. :)

So as I leave Utah for Minnesota (and sleep in that dreaded box again!), here's a checklist of what I did during my extended stay in Salt Lake City:

* I took a trip downtown to see the beautiful gardens surrounding the Mormon temple - and I even went inside the tabernacle home to the famous Mormon Tabernacle Choir

*I went to a huge outdoor pageant in south/central Utah and even got to meet some of the actors - which was really fun considering I do love theatre!

*I went to Florida in June, then AGPLA and the Utah AG meet-up (when I met Violet) in July

*Then there were the HUGE PARTIES with Jeanette's girls - because, you know, many 18" girls live with her in that house :-)

There are pictures, but Jeanette hasn't had the time to upload them - unfortunately. If I see them posted online, I'll post a few here. Unfortunately, I don't see how I'm going to post pictures of my stay with Zipporah, either - merde!! I have the worst timing ever. If only I'd have visited her sooner, but as all of you know, it's not good if we keep harping on "If only this" and "If only that." I'll just keep you as updated as I can regarding my stay in Minnesota - maybe that'll involve a trip to the Mall of America store?

Love, Sophie


Mia S. said...
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Mia S. said...

Oh my goodness, Spencer is Mormon, and that's SO cool that you got to go to the tabernacle Were the Christmas lights up? It's especially pretty when they are :) I'm glad you're back on track!
(Sorry about my last comment, it had some typos)
Ps. I like your new header picture

Cali Hazelwood said...

It sounds like you had a great time with your host! Have fun with Jill and the Valdez sisters :-)



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