Saturday, December 26, 2009

Tagged by Cali :)

Salut tout le monde,

My friend Cali over at Crazy For Cali tagged me to do this fun little meme, so here goes. :-)

List 7 songs you're into right now...
--> Feist
--> Feist
--> Catherine Zeta-Jones & company (current B'way revival of A Little Night Music)
--> Catherine Zeta-Jones (current B'way revival of A Little Night Music)
--> Lily Allen
--> Kristin Chenoweth
--> Céline Dion

What car do you want when you're older?
While I'd prefer to take the métro, I think a SmartCar would be absolutely wonderful - especially if I intend to move back to France. Maybe one like this?

Where do you want to live when you grow older?
Paris (bien sûr!) or maybe somewhere else in France? Perhaps I can move in with Sabine in Lille? Perhaps I'll just skip France and head to bella Toscana - beautiful Tuscany - or even London? If I decide to stay in the US, then maybe Seattle, San Francisco, New York? Who knows? Probablement France....

Where do you want to go to college?
Or perhaps Oxford, Harvard, or Yale...but honestly? I'm 13 and not ready to think about that yet. I'm not quite sure what I want to study yet, let alone where!

How many siblings do you have?
Une soeur qui s'appelle Juliette Adrienne...a sister who is named Juliette Adrienne and, actually, she's my twin, if you want to get specific. She's still in Paris, and I'm not sure she'll be joining me here or not. We are very different in personality though we are identical in appearance!

How many children do you want when you grow up?
Depends. Probably one or two, if I find the right guy to settle down with.

Boys or girls?
A girl would be the most desirable. ;)

City girl or country girl?
Je suis de Paris, France. I am from Paris, France! What do you think I am?

Flying or driving?
I'm so used to flying that it's kind of second nature to me now. Driving I don't know how to do...yet. I guess I prefer flying because I can't drive over the Atlantic Ocean to get back home. ;)

Biking or swimming?
Um, neither? I like going to the beach, but only to work on my tan. ;) Biking I will do to get around the city, though. It's more a source of transportation than a leisurely activity. ;)

Well, Fair Hollow School for Girls is all about the arts. Sports? Not so much. Football's okay, though, and by that I mean SOCCER! I'm pretty decent at field hockey as well, although I suck at it on ice.

Books or movies?
Tous les deux! (both!)

School or chores?
School - I live for school! Even if I complain from time to time about endless homework, I still love to learn. Chores are boring. I'll confess to not keeping my dorm the neatest because I don't exactly like to straighten up! I'm not a slob, but I'm not a neat freak either.

Inside or outside?
Again, both. Wherever there is a mystery to be solved or adventure to be had.

Wednesday or Sunday?
Sunday = no class! (A girl does need a break every once in a while, even if I do love to learn!)

Friends or Family?
Both, I guess. I do see friends more, though, being that I'm at boarding school - and am pretty popular at that. And I don't exactly miss Juliette. Okay, maybe a little. I miss my parents, though! I guess that counts for something.

Fried or Scrambled Eggs?
I see both in the school cafeteria and do admit to liking both.

Pancakes or cereal?
I tend to eat hot cereal (oatmeal, grits) each morning before school. Pancakes not so much, although I like them. I actually like waffles better, and at home - in Paris - I'm more used to croissants. ;)

Big meal or something small?
Small, please. I tend to eat several tiny meals in one day.

Movie or TV show?
Movie! (AUDREY TAUTOU!!!!!!!!!)

Favorite thing to do outside?
Go exploring. Search for clues and/or a mystery to be solved. Play in the snow (if applicable). But most of all: go sightseeing! I do like to travel after all. ;)

Favorite meal?
Laura's absolute favorite meal is pizza with black olives - like Cali said as well - and I like that a lot. As for it being my favorite, I don't know, though. I like a bit of everything. Pizza, sushi, pasta, salad...yeah, it really depends on my mood.

Place to read a good book?
Curled up on my bed with a favorite UglyDoll - or nestled among the pillows on Laura's window-seat.

Favorite vegetable?
Green beans. Broccoli.

Where do you want to live when you graduate?
Europe - whether that's France or somewhere else like England, Scotland, Italy, it doesn't matter.

What time of day do you like best?
Night - I'm a night owl! I like to stay up late reading or surfing the web. Or IMing friends in a chatroom. Or blogging. ;)

What is your favorite flower?
Irises and violets are pretty. So are poppies - like the fields of poppies in Italy!

Do you like writing?
Well, I do have this blog, so I must like writing at least a little bit!

What is your favorite month?
August - my birthday month!

Do you like adventure?
OUI!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Do you collect anything? If so, what do you collect?
Books - yep, I love collecting books, particularly mysteries and thrillers.
Postcards/Posters - from places I visit.
UglyDolls - I have three now, thanks to Laura just buying me a new one. Inky got me addicted to these things!

Do your grandparents live near you?
Um, no. Well, they live in France - and fairly near me when I'm actually in France - but now that I'm in the US? Of course they don't live near me.

Are you bored of this?
Maybe a little (this was long!), but I like filling out memes - and I like being tagged. Thanks, Cali!

I tag (provided they haven't filled it out already - and actually want to):
-and anyone else who wants to fill this out and hasn't already been tagged!



Cali Hazelwood said...

Tagging is very fun, isn't it? Thanks for doing the survey! I loved reading your answers! ;-)


Haley said...

Sorry if I'm a bit dense, lol. What is this tagging thing?



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