Monday, February 9, 2009

Ugh, italiano!

Italian is messing with me!  :0 I'm supposed to be fluent in French, but I'm losing my native language because I keep writing "for" as the Italian "per" and not "pour"! Arrggghhh!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Les 15 Choses

D'accord, voici les 15 choses de Sophie Moreau. J'ai écrit la majorité dans l'anglais aujourd'hui parce que c'est une langue que je besoin pratiquer.

Merci pour l'idée, Cate.

Okay, here are 15 things about me, Sophie Moreau. I have written the majority (of this post) in English today because it IS a language that I need to practice.

Thanks for the idea, Cate.

15 Things about Moi: Sophie Amélie Moreau

1. I look like Audrey Hepburn. Well...more like, some people say I look like French actress Audrey Tautou (une merveilleuse actrice), and since most people say SHE looks like Audrey Hepburn, then I can safely say I do.

2. When I grow up, I want to work as a super-hero (LOL), a writer, or maybe just a cryptologist for the le DCPJ (the French police, basically)...hmm, where have I heard that before? ;)

3. When I'm in my 30s, I want to marry a man who whisks me off to a romantic honeymoon in FIRENZE (Florence), and, of course, his name will be Robert Langdon. He'll learn French just to ask my dear father for my hand in marriage. (Okay, maybe his name won't be Robert Langdon, but one can dream!)

4. I'm not quite sure where I want to go to university, but going is a must. Maybe I'll stick to somewhere close to home, in Paris, or maybe England or, if I'm really brave, les États-Unis...but of course, I'm already here studying, what am I worried about?

5. I can bit a bit of a boss, so some of the students here probably don't like me. But I can't help it really; I just like things going my way. Don't we all?

6. I love music, from French rap to American Broadway. My favorite singer is Carla Bruni (hooray for the First Lady of France!), though, but thanks to the influence of friends, I now like Céline Dion and Idina Menzel as well.

7. I *really* do love to travel. I want to see more of this big country that I'm currently living in, see the whole of Europe, maybe Australia, almost anywhere in this wide world.

8. I don't exactly have a favorite color. I wish I did, but there are just too many out there to choose one. I do love the color blue and the color green, but choosing just one? Nah, too hard.

9. I'm a bit of a teacher's pet, tending to stick to my favorite teachers like glue. They are truly some of my greatest friends.

10. As much as I seem to protest against her, I kind of like Miley Cyrus/Hannah Montana. I don't know, she's just so popular in Europe. All of my friends from back home LOVE her, and while I love Carla Bruni much, much more, Miley does have some great songs. Plus, it's a really good way to pick up English. I'm not sure I'll reveal any of this to some of my classmates, though; most of them hate Hannah Montana (or at least pretend to).

11. I've never had a pet, though since I picked Anya's kitty up for her in Chicago, I've become rather attached.

12. My favorite outfit? My cream-colored turtleneck, blue plaid skirt, boots, pink poncho, and blue beret; my sight-seeing outfit.

13. My least favorite outfit? The one I was forced to wear coming in from Chicago: the pink/purple/blue flowered shirt, blue skort, and boots...yuck, I hate it, I hate it, I hate it!

14. I like to take pictures of my travel gnome around the world and paste them into a scrapbook. So when I didn't get to go to Italia this past summer, I had my teacher cart around my gnome to take those pictures for me. People called her "Blanche Neige" or "Snow White" all throughout the trip. ;)

15. My favorite school subject? Italian, I think. I have a friend back in Florence whom I like to converse with; I'm even trying to get her to come to school here. *crosses fingers*

Au Revoir,
Sophie aka Figchen

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Je suis terrible!

Après seulement deux mois avec cet blog, j'ai oubliée écrire les nouvelles choses. D'accord, je sais que je suis terrible comme les amies Lindsey et sais! Je ferai mieux; j'écrirai mieux.

After only two months with this blog, I have forgotten to write new things. Okay, I know that I am as terrible as my friends Lindsey and Anya...I know! I will do better; I will write better.

Le 19 janvier a été l'anniversaire de Laura, la mia professoressa alla scuola.  J'ai fait un gateau chocolat pour elle parce que le chocolat est délicieux. 

January 19th was the birthday of Laura, my professor at school (this is Italian because professor is prettier in Italian than in French, I'd say).  I made a chocolate cake for her because chocolate is delicious. 

La fille s'appelle Samantha a acheté un nouveau lit. C'est le couleur de la neige avec les noeuds roses--c'est très jolie et un lit parfait pour une princesse comme Samantha. 

The girl named Samantha bought a new bed. It's the color of snow with pink bows--it's very pretty and a perfect bed for a princess like Samantha.

Le Jour de La Saint-Valentin est bientot! Mes amies et moi ont fait plus des cartes de la Saint-Valentin. Avez-vous déjà fait vos cartes?

Valentine's Day is soon! My friends and I have made lots of valentines. Have any of you started on yours yet?



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