Thursday, March 4, 2010

Ride 'em, Cowgirl!

Salut, mes amis,

Hi friends!

Au cours de la semaine dernière, j'ai fait de l'équitation avec mes nouvelles amies, Josefina, Gloria, et Addy!

C'était ma première fois, mais j'ai eu un bon cheval - et les bons professeurs!

This past week, I went horseback-riding with my new friends, Josefina, Gloria, and Addy!

It was my first time, but I had a good horse - and good teachers! That makes all the difference, doesn't it? Anyway, it was great fun, and now I'm thinking Anya is justified when she says that Fair Hollow needs a horse or two. ;) We FHSG students need riding lessons!

Et vous, aimez-vous les chevaux? Do you like horses? Do you have one of your own?

Ton amie,


Haley Hotchkiss said...

Hi Sophie!
Glad to hear you're having a good time. My own set of travels will be starting soon.
But as for horseback riding, nah, I'm allergic to just about everything. I leave the horse riding to my cousin Nicki, she's practically a pro at it. Where she lives there's a whole stable full of them, but her fave is a horse named Jackson. Seriously... a horse named Jackson??? ROFL. Anyways, ttyl, I gotta go to bed, school in the morning, I'm expecting a pop quiz.

Haley :)

The Crazy Doll Lady said...

Hello Sophie,

We love horses here and have several .. i agree that you all need riding lessons it is SOOOOO much fun to ride.


Cali Hazelwood said...

Hi, Sophie! Horseback riding looks like a ton of fun. Rebecca is OBSESSED with horses. She has one named Ivory. I definitely think you should open a stable by your school. It would be so much fun! :)
Well, I'm glad you're having a good time. I hope to hear from you soon!


Sabine Bouchard said...

Salut, Sophie!
Oui, j'adore faire de l'équitation! Je veux un cheval. Je l'appelerais Blue Jeans...comme le cheval de Miley dans Hannah Montana: Le Film.
Je suis heureuse que tu st'amuses!
Ton amie,

Anonymous said...

偶爾上來逛逛,下次不知是否還有緣再進來,先祝您平安順利!!! ........................................

The Valdez Quints said...

You make a great cowgirl, Sophie! We have two horses, but you should know that. We really need to ride them more. If you had a horse, what would you name it? What kind of horse would you like? Zipporah's horse (Charlie) is brown with black mane and tail. Diamond (Violet's horse) is gray with white markings (including a diamond shaped one). Lyre Chickadee wants a light horse with dark mane and tail. Sora would like a Palomino, and Lorikeet wants that horse from The Wizard of Oz. You know, the one that changes colors?

Wendy said...

Horses are great. =) I don't know much about riding, but I do sometimes like to try.


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