Thursday, October 21, 2010

Mystic Seaport!

On Monday, September 27th, Marina and Liz took me to Mystic Seaport in Mystic, CT! It's a 19th century-inspired living history museum with ships and a village to explore.

Marina and I got to be pirates again!

Then Liz joined us for a pretty picture by a fountain. It's not a trip to Mystic Seaport without pictures by the water!

We also found a cannon to climb on - much like Traveling Ruthie did on her last visit to Star Valley. ;)

Here we are exploring the interior of a schooner called the Australia. Wouldn't it be fun to solve a mystery in a setting like this? Hmm, a nautical mystery...sounds intriguing!

Here I am on a carriage ride going around the seaport village. The horse's name was Xena! Boy am I reminded of a certain show about an infamous warrior princess...

Before we left, I got to sign the guestbook so that everyone knew that I, Traveling Sophie, had been to Mystic Seaport! Maybe future visitors will read that and come online to find my blog? Hey, since when did a little bit of shameless advertising hurt?!

Then Marina, Annie, and I headed to Mystic Aquarium to watch a sea lion show and see other cute marine animals... these penguins!

To see the whole album, click HERE.



Sabine Bouchard said...

Mystic Seaport looks beautiful...and you look like you had a great time. I see you are wearing the True Style shirt. I definitely want those pants...haha, to go with the heels...

Emily said...

Too fun, Sophie! I love the penguins. A mystery on a ship sounds intriguing. Maybe it was a ghost ship?


The Crazy Doll Lady!! said...

It looks like you had a wonderful time .. it is fun to go and visit histoical places like that ..

I love the idea of the ghost ship .. that would be a wonderful mystery to solve and explor ..

I Miss You,

all4dolls said...

How fun! I have to visit the ocean someday!


mimi said...

It looks like you had a lot of fun Sophie!! Those penguins are really cute. :)

Sandrine B. said...

Looks like fun! Cute penguins.
I'd love to be there. I photograph quite wonderfully by the water, I must say.
Sandrine <3


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