Friday, January 28, 2011

Une promenade dans la neige!


Il y a une grande quantité de la neige à Nouvelle York maintenant. Les écoles et les autres endroits ont fermé.

There is a lot of snow in New York right now, and schools and other places have closed.

J'ai décidé à faire une promenade hivernale mercredi. Je me suis promenée autour du voisinage. Je me suis sentie bien quand j'ai respiré l'air frais.

I decided to take a wintry walk on Wednesday. I felt good when I breathed in the fresh air - especially after being cooped up inside for a while.

Avec ma chemise rouge, je me suis sentie comme un joli oiseau rouge! Maintenant si seulement j'ai eu les ailes...

With my red shirt, I felt like a pretty red bird! Now if only I had wings...

Ton amie,


Claire said...

Your pictures give me more proof of the tons of snow in NYC - my aunt who lives there emailed us pictures. Wish it were snowing here!

Kirsten L. said...

Glad you're having fun in the snow! It's all snowy here, too!

Emily said...

You look beautiful in you coat, Sophie! I'm glad you're enjoying the snow. Most of the it is gone here for the time being.


The Valdez Quintuplets said...

The weatherman kept saying yesterday that MN is about even with NY for total snowfall this season.

At least you're getting out in it. Jillie wouldn't let us.

Sabine Bouchard said...

Salut! J'ai beaucoup de neige ici, aussi. Tu regardes très jolie en rouge. Moi, je suis jalouse! Je regarde laide en rouge ou rose! Quelquefois, j'aimerais avoir les cheveux foncés, mais j'adore mes cheveux roux aussi. :)


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