Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Le New York City Ballet!

Salut, mes amies!

Dimanche, j'ai eu une occasion à voir une belle interprétation du ballet. Le New York City Ballet a eu sa dernière interprétation de la saison d'hiver, et j'ai acheté un billet à voir les danseurs. Juliette serait heureuse et fière de sa soeur jumelle!

I had the chance to see a beautiful ballet performance on Sunday. The New York City Ballet had its last performance of the winter season, and I bought a ticket to see the dancers. Juliette would be happy and proud of her twin sister!

I sat by la jolie fontaine at Lincoln Center while I waited for the theatre to open. I was to see a triple bill with Square Dance, Mirage, and The Four Seasons, and I couldn't wait! Ballet has been on my mind for these past couple of weeks in particular - maybe because Inky and Violet both dance or maybe because I'm still missing my sister? Either way, I was excited to see the show.

Here I am on le balcon that overlooks Lincoln Center Plaza. You can see the Metropolitan Opera House behind me:

When we were allowed inside, I strolled around the theatre promenade for a bit before heading into the theatre itself. Then, for the next hour or two, I sat mesmerized, watching the story unfold before my eyes as dancers twirled around en pointe. Having grown up in the theatre atmosphere, I felt very content. Et d'accord, I may have an urge to take ballet lessons again...

In other news, the girls of Fair Hollow are pretty ecstatic right now. Maybe I should redirect you here?

Ton amie,


The Valdez Quintuplets said...

Oh, Sophie, how are you ever going to be content with your old clothes after wearing all Inky's beautiful ones? Not that yours are ugly, just... Well, ours aren't any better, so it's not like we're gloating or anything. We just think it'd be awfully hard to wear regular stuff once you've worn name brand stuff. You look beautiful in that dress! Zipporah remembers when she went traveling, and wore the most elegant dress and cape ever. She says she had a real hard time going back to regular old clothes after that. She still daydreams about that dress!

your favorite quintuplets

Emily said...


I've never been to a ballet, but it sounds lovely the way you describe it. I'm sure you would do wonderful if you took up ballet again!


Caelen said...

When I was little I once went to go see "The Nutcracker".

Sabine Bouchard said...

Très fabuleuse! Having a sister like Sandrine, I have been to numerous ballets in Paris before. Although Sandrine is quite lazy, she is also quite a talented dancer, maybe even more so than Chrissa! :P
Your dress is very pretty. I was going to get it when it was released, actually, but I decided to go with the pants outfit instead.
If you want to take up ballet again, you should! I could see you being a good ballerina.

Anonymous said...

Sophie, you look lovely. It's so amazing that you got to go to NYC. My mom grew up in NJ, but I am so far away from the east coast. One day, I hope to get to NYC and see it in person.


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