Friday, November 18, 2011

My Room!

Hi all,

This is a picture heavy post because I wanted to show you my new room! It is constantly getting shuffled around because a certain person around here gets bored with seeing the same things. So, if my room changes in the next few months, don't panic!

I really like how my room looks now, though, so it probably won't get changed for a while. I've carefully arranged some of my travel souvenirs around my room, so that I will always remember the fun I had traveling.

So, are you ready for the tour? Then, let's go!

This is my bookcase. We built this out of a wooden shoebox and an extra plank of wood (for the shelves) that we bought at the craft store. I painted it blue, one of my favorite colors. It also contrasts nicely with the lavender walls. On the shelves, I have some of my favorite books, dolls, and stuffed animals.

My desk is a roll-top desk from the 1930s. Isn't it beautiful?

I keep my laptop, iPhone, iPod, and camera on top of my desk, along with several travel souvenirs. My diary, celebrity scrapbook, and photo album rest on top of the desk, as do a gooseneck lamp and the Eeyore figurine Marsali gave me.

I have several movie and travel posters up around my room, but my favorite wall hanging is my ribbon board. I like to keep treasured postcards, awards, and school photos on display, and this is the perfect way to display them.

Down here I have my beloved travel trunk. I brought this thing all the way from Paris. It was a gift from my grandparents, and it's packed full of souvenirs and treasures from home. Most importantly, this is where I keep my passport!

My current bed is a simple wooden bed with a silky purple comforter. I have another comforter that I love even more, but it doesn't fit well on this bed. I've packed that one away for now, but I'm sure I'll use it again sometime. I keep my two UglyDolls, Ice Bat and Abima, on my bed. Yes, I have Ice Bat now! I fell in love with Ice Bat when I saw Inky's, but it took me a while to track one down. When I finally found him, I gave Moxy to Lindsey. I didn't really want more than two UglyDolls, and since Abima was my first ever, I knew I had to keep him.

Behind my bed, I have another bookshelf for larger books. On top of the bookshelf, you can see my beloved traveling gnome, my Belle doll, a totem pole from Ketchikan, Alaska, and a shell I picked up while in Florida:

I keep some of my favorite clothes in my room, although since all of us girls in the dorm like to share clothes, we keep most of them in a larger armoire. I like to have my French flag on display in my room at all times, so I have that hanging over my clothes rack.

Finally, here is an overall look at my room:

Thanks for letting me share it with you!



Inky said...

Sophie! I love your room. :) We have the same desk!

I'm glad you got an Ice Bat. If I'd known you liked mine so much, I would have given you one when you were here.

Did you decorate the pillow with the kit I sent you? I think I see it in the background, but I'm not sure.

I miss you! I'm busy with Nutcracker rehearsals. I really miss how you used to wait for me and we'd get a hot pretzel and walk in Central Park.

Emily said...

Awesome room, Sophie! I love your purple comforter, it's in my favorite color. Looks like a cozy and fun place to hang out!


Miranda said...

I LOVE your room! It's so awesome!


beast'sbelle said...

Sophie, your room is so cute!! Thanks for sharing pics with us. We love seeing how our blogging friends decorate their's almost like getting to visit your house or something. ;) Have a great weekend!

Tess and Maggie

Lovely Lanie said...

I love your room layout, especially the desk! I really like your ugly dolls ,Ugly is the new cute ;)

AGDollFriends said...

Sophie your room is lovely!
We all like it very much! It's all so cutely decorated. <3

Our human has promised one day we'll have a cute room to hang out in, but for now we all stand on top of the dresser. Good thing we don't have knees or they'd be weakened and bent already! LOL

Amara and Linden.

Claire said...

Hi Sophie! Your room is so adorable! I love your desk...I think my human has something like that on her Christmas list. :)

And I noticed that you have an Eeyore figurine...I have that exact same one! :D I think it used to be my human's...I'm not really sure since there are quite a few miscellaneous things at my house! ;)


Sabine Bouchard said...

¡Buenas noches!
J'adore ta chambre! Mine could use some work- Micki has taken over this semester, and I'm sure she's made some unpleasant and completely Micki changes. I'm sure she didn't clean the Goldfish crumbs, either. :(
I like your desk space! Your bed looks cozy, too.

The Crazy Doll Lady!! said...

Sophie I love your room, you have it arranged quite cutely. It is almost like coming to visit you and spending some time, thanks so much for sharing it with us.

As you know we have that same desk too, it is neat how many people share the love of the roll top desk.

Hope you are settling in and happy to be home. Are you going to be going out visiting again or stay home now?? Tirya has not decided yet what to do.

Love N Miss You,

Anonymous said...

I love your dorm room. It looks very comfortable and cosy.

The Greens and The Roses said...

Hi Sophie, this is Fiona. :-)

Me and my sisters all love your room! Thanks for showing us the pictures!

I especially like all your dance and Broadway posters. I'm into both things too. We really like Wicked around here.

Very cool!


Anna Lee said...

Your room looks awesome, Sophie! I especially like your bookcase - I'm dying for one just like it!

Silverstreak said...

Salut Sophie,

I absolutely LOVE your new room. I like how you have posters up. I was wondering how you got the posters, I know Kit and Lissie would love to have some up in their rooms!
Au Revoir,


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