Thursday, February 9, 2012

Afternoon Mail

One afternoon, while Juliette was in the dance studio, I decided to start getting my valentines ready to mail. Valentine's Day was just around the corner, and I really wanted to get the cards in the mail in time.

Just as I'd decided who would get which card, Juliette strolled through the door, bounding onto my bed. I looked up, smiling at her, "Did you have a good practice? How does FHSG's dance studio measure up to your standards?"

Juliette nodded, "Oui, une salle de danse est une salle de danse, Sophie. C'est bien à danser encore! Mais qu'est-ce que tu fais maintenant?"

"What am I doing right now?" I looked down at the card on my lap, "I'm sorting through my valentine cards, deciding who will get what. I'd really like to mail them today."

"D'accord. Puis-je t'aider?" Juliette asked, beckoning to the cards sprawled on the carpet.

"Oh, thanks, but I'm just about finished. I just want to get these cards in my bag and run to the post office for envelopes and postage," I replied, as I carefully stacked the cards up. Placing them into my bag, I stood up.

"Juliette, ma chérie, I'll be right back," I said, turning to go.

"Sophie, attends un peu!" Juliette cried out, though I was already out the door and heading down the stairwell, "Tu as oublié une carte de la Saint-Valentin!"

She was right - I had left a Valentine's card behind. Oops.

Juliette walked over to the card, stooped to pick it up, and sat down in the same spot I'd been just minutes ago. Turning over the valentine, she read what I'd written, "Juliette, j'adore que tu es ici! Je t'aime, ma soeur!"

Eyes sparkling with tears, Juliette smiled, saying aloud, "Sophie, I love you, too!" And, even though I wasn't in the room at the time, I knew she did. I just knew she did.

Valentine's Day (or the weekend before Valentine's Day) isn't just about spending time with those you are romantically linked to. It's about spending time with those people you love - siblings included - and I for one am very glad to be able to spend the holiday with Juliette!



The Valdez Quintuplets said...

Aww, that's so sweet!

Anonymous said...

Very sweet! Sometimes siblings are the best. :)

Emily said...

I guess I should make valentine's for my sisters! Very sweet :)


Jody said...

Awww! Sophie Me and Annalise love this story. I look up to you. So Happy Early Valentines Day,

Anna Lee said...

Aww...what a nice sister you are, Sophie! I wish I had one to give a Valentine to! Please tell Juliette I really like her post-dance class outfit.

Inky said...

Hi Sophie!

That's so sweet! I'm sure Juliette was really touched. :)

I sent your valentine yesterday, so you should get it soon! I'm not allowed to open mine until Valentine's Day!


Emma Tegan Phelps said...

hi Sophie,thats so cute, how did you make the valentines? they look very professional!

- Emma

The Crazy Doll Lady!! said...

Aaawwweee so sweet .. I am so glad that you and your sister are getting along so good and together again .. we love hearing about your special times ..

all4dolls said...

Sophie, that is sooooo nice of you and I know Juliette really appreciated her Valentine. The ones you made look very pretty! Happy Valentines Day.

~ Kiki


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