Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Isabel's Visit!

This past Sunday, Fair Hollow had a visitor: Isabel Cohen! Some of you might remember Isabel because she used to go to school here. Last summer, she applied and was accepted into another boarding school. She wasn't happy here and figured that she needed a fresh start. (Human Note: Actually, I decided to send her to my 6-year-old cousin for her birthday!).

Anyway, Fair Hollow held their annual post-Valentine's piano recital Sunday, and Isabel - once a piano student herself - decided to surprise everyone with a visit. We were all delighted to see her, especially me since I was still out traveling when she left. She's always felt like the little sister I never had.

After the piano recital, I invited Isabel up to my room. Juliette was off somewhere with some of the other girls, so it was just us. We hugged, excited at the prospect of catching up, but silly Isabel couldn't keep her eyes open. She admitted that she hadn't gotten much sleep the night before, so I let her take a brief nap on my bed.

While Isabel was sleeping, I figured I'd take advantage of the spare time and do some homework. After booting up my laptop, I started work on my Reading Response questions. We are reading The Bell Jar in English class, and the teacher assigned us ever so many discussion questions to answer!

When Isabel woke up, I set aside my English assignment and sat up next to her on my bed. We talked about her new school, and she told me about how much she loves her teacher, Miss Maeve. I told her about visiting Inky in New York (Isabel has always admired Inky!) and going on a cruise to Alaska. I told her about how Juliette finally came to the States and how glad I was to see her.

Of course, we tried not to talk about how much we missed each other. Although she is very happy at her new school, Isabel did miss me, Anya, and - most of all - her very best friend, Susanna. Of course, I know how that is. I left many good friends and family members back in Paris! I miss them every day, as much as I love my life here. It's very normal - in fact, it's expected - to miss people, and I reminded Isabel of that. It just means that we have to visit each other more!

Later, Isabel and I decided to dress up and have dinner together in a fancy restaurant, before saying our goodbyes. Although it was a short visit, I really enjoyed seeing her. I hope we can visit again. I know I'd LOVE to visit the American Girl store with her someday.

Have you ever left a friend behind or had a friend leave you? Do you ever visit each other?



The Greens and The Roses said...

Hi Sophie. This is Bree.

Glad to hear you had a visit with Isabel! It sounds like you had a nice time, and it's good that you could reconnect. I'm sure she's happy at her new school, but it's nice to see old friends, too.

I have a friend named Olivia who I stayed with for awhile before the Greens adopted me. (She calls herself my "sister from another life," which seems apt to me.) I don't get to talk to her very often, because she's pretty busy, but she's dropped by our blog a few times, and it's always fun to read her comments.


P.S. Kirsten says Isabel looks a lot like me, but obviously that's silly - I have short hair! ;-)

Lena said...

I have moved a few times, and have had to leave behind several friends. Luckily I get to visit them every summer!

~Emily (www.lenastravelingdolls.blogspot.com)

Anonymous said...

How wonderful that she came to visit! It looks like you had a lovely visit with Isabel. How fun for you both.

I have many friends who've left. Sometimes they write, but I don't see many of them anymore. It's okay, though. Life is busy enough with the friends who ARE here, and the coffee shop and everything. And I get to have internet friends now which is nice too. Reading blogs like yours gives you the feeling of having friends all over the world! As much as I love snail mail, email is faster. And blogs are awesome because they have pictures.

Thank you for sharing your adventures. I love reading about your life!

Wendy said...

Hi Sophie! I'm glad you got to visit with Isabel. It seems like you both had a nice time. =)

I've never had a good friend leave me, but my cousin Allie had to leave all of her old friends and everyone she knew when she left Germany. She misses it a lot sometimes, but she's pretty happy here. She's going to go visit her godmother (and hopefully her father, who's in the military) over spring break!

Anonymous said...

It's nice that she came to visit. I often wonder what came to be to my foster sisters after they leave.

The Crazy Doll Lady!! said...

Sophie, it sound like you guys had a great visit while she was there with you, it is always so much fun to see old friends and reconnect with them. Glad that you had that opportunity. How wonderful.

It is hard to lose a friend or even just move out of the house and only get to see her sometimes. I am always so happy to see them when they come back.



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