Sunday, July 15, 2012

McKenna movie-viewing party!

Salut, mes amis! 

As I'm sure you all know by now, yesterday marked the television premiere of McKenna Shoots for the Stars (which, coincidentally, fell on Bastille Day, a national holiday in France). McKenna is the second Girl of the Year movie to be released; the last was An American Girl: Chrissa Stands Strong in 2009. The McKenna movie reveals how difficult it can be for kids to balance school and recreational activities. McKenna has a passion for gymnastics, which often surpasses her desire to do schoolwork. (That sounds familiar, doesn't it, Juliette?!) 

To celebrate the movie premiere, Juliette and I each invited two friends to a movie-viewing party. I invited Chiara and Nathalie, my two best friends, while Juliette invited Jessica and Maura. We all dressed in our coolest pajamas and snacked on pepperoni pizza, fruit, and soda during the duration of the film.                   

 We were all pretty enthralled with McKenna. We are huge fans of Nia Vardalos, so we loved her as McKenna's mother. We also loved Josie, but wished that she'd been the central character as it'd be nice for American Girl to feature a character who is disabled. We also wished that Sierra had been featured more, and we felt that her character development was a little bit lacking.

Our favorite scene was probably Josie fulfilling her dream of riding horses. We love Kerris Dorsey (the actress who plays Josie) anyhow, so that really comes as no surprise! That being said, the scene where Toulane spies on McKenna and Josie in the library was a great one. Jessica, in particular, loved it as Toulane reminded her of a younger version of Nikita Mears (of The CW's Nikita, her favorite television show).

None of us are huge fans of gymnastics, but we were all enthralled with the rhythmic gymnastics sequences. We loved how closely related to dance rhythmic gymnastics seems to be! We all agreed that it would be fun to try. Who knows, maybe Fair Hollow School for Girls will add rhythmic gymnastics to their course list? Do any of you do rhythmic gymnastics?

Did any of you watch the McKenna movie last night? What was your favorite scene? What do you think could've been improved on?



Lovely Lanie said...

That sounds like a lot of fun ^.^ I havn't seen the entire movie yet but I love that mckenna does rythmic also, I think it's amazing :) But I don't like that she's embaressed about having a tutor, tutors are awesome!

Aprie said...

Of course I watched it :)
I thought the part when Toulane was spying on McKenna in the library was so funny, I loved when McKenna and Toulane made it to the regionals, but Toulane decided she didn't like that type of gymastics, and changed, but that meant Sierra got on the team. I thought it was a sweet and hearwarming movie.

Miranda said...

I feel kind of embarrassed because I forgot to watch it... ^^;" But it sounded like you guys all had a really fun time watching! Was it good? :)


Emma said...

I just LOVED LOVED LOVED the McKenna movie!!! Definitely my favorite AG film, by far :)

The Greens and The Roses said...

Looks like a fun party!

We haven't seen the movie yet (we hope to soon) and it didn't come on TV here, but it was interesting to hear your thoughts about it.


Sara said...

I loved the McKenna movie. :)

Sophie, I nominated you for the I Love Your Blog award!

The Spicys said...

Looks like a fun movie party!


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