Sunday, June 24, 2012

Window shopping in American Girl VA

Salut, mes amis! 

On Thursday, I got to go to the American Girl store in Northern Virginia! Before you ask, I didn't go with the intention of buying anything. That would've been nice, but we don't really have the money to spend right now. Still, since I hadn't seen the store for myself, I really wanted to go. I'm always up for meeting the AGs who live in the store, as well as seeing new AG products in person.

Here are some of the photos I took in the store. I apologize in advance if they aren't the greatest quality; anyone who has ever taken photos in an American Girl store knows that they don't exactly have the best photographic lighting.

First, I wanted to meet the Girl of the Year for 2012. As everyone undoubtedly knows, her name is McKenna Brooks, and she's a gymnast from Washington State. She's also the second GotY to have a movie released about her life (McKenna Shoots for the Stars; click HERE to watch the trailer). 

McKenna and I seemed to hit it off nicely. I don't know if a girl like her will enroll at Fair Hollow, though it'd be nice if she did. She could teach me a bit about gymnastics! I'd borrow her clothes for sure. I loved seeing her fancy outfit in person (see below). She's also got the most gorgeous hair color that I've ever seen. No one who goes to school here has caramel-colored hair like hers. 

After I'd said my goodbyes to McKenna, I wandered over to Rebecca Rubin's parlor for a bit. While I relaxed on her comfortable settee, Rebecca kindly served me some tea, freshly brewed from her samovar. We chatted lightly about the movies we've starred in (she called them "moving pictures") while I finished my tea. 

I came across a girl that resembled Juliette and me! She had the same dark eyes, feathery eyebrows, and dark hair. Her facial expression was completely different from either of ours, however! (Note: She is not taller than me. She was wearing ice skates and was on a stand.) Needless to say, I didn't stay around  to chat with her. I think we were both a little taken aback by the other's presence!

Next, I exchanged pleasantries with Marie-Grace Gardner, a shy girl from New Orleans. I oohed and aahed over her lovely lace parasol, curly brown tendrils, and pale pink dress.

I was a little freaked out, however, when I came across Marie-Grace's best friend, Cécile Rey. Despite wearing a bright yellow dress, she was the clone of the American Girl doll I'd just received. It was like my doll had come to life! Imagine that! 

I spent some time in Kit Kittredge's attic bedroom. While she interviewed me for her latest edition of the Hard Times News, I drooled over her lovely roll-top desk. It reminded me of one I'd been fortunate to have in my dorm room last year, which I'd had to give up. Maybe I'll get my own someday! 

I took this photo for Juliette. She's always wondered what she'd look like if she had green eyes, and this girl looked just like Juliette would if she'd been given green eyes. She's pretty! Maybe she's our long-lost cousin or something? 

After all of that walking around, I was getting more than a little hungry! When I thought no one was looking, I snatched a cookie off the bakery table. Hopefully no one noticed the strawberry jam residue that the cookie left on the corners of my mouth . . .

I made sure to check out the T-shirt boutique, where you can pick out an iron-on design for your very own T-shirt. I still haven't done this yet! I really like the looks of the 'Music' and the 'Stand Tall' iron-ons. 

Here are some examples of the shirts that you can make. My only regret is that they have a limited selection of T-shirt colors to choose from. Pastels aren't my favorite colors!

I thought this girl was gorgeous! She reminded me of my friend Marina who lives in Star Valley. I loved the way she pulled her hair up into a curly ponytail.

Here is another girl whom I thought was gorgeous! The dark pink color of the Pretty Party outfit really suits her complexion.

Isn't Chocolate Chip adorable here? Seeing him in person almost made me want a dog of my very own! However, I think the name "Brownie" suits him more than his original name. 

This beautiful girl made even the Bath Wrap set look tempting. I love her dark blue eyes.

Before the long drive back to school, I made sure to pay a visit to the ladies' room. I had to take the obligatory photo in the bathroom stall, but of course! How humiliating!

Have any of you ever visited an American Girl Place or Boutique and Bistro? If you haven't, I hope you are able to do so someday.  They are really wonderful places to visit, even if you are just window shopping like me.



Madeline said...

Sophie, that looks amazing! I visit that store often, but I'm always amazed (and I want to buy everything) ;)!
Now all my dolls are begging to meet the dolls at the Tyson's AG Place, and you!

sophiaandemma said...

do you live near that AG store? my sister sophia visited the boston area store when she was on vacation 2 years ago.

Sophie Amélie Moreau said...

Sophia and Emma, I do live fairly close to the Northern Virginia store - well, the same state anyway. It's still a day trip, though, so consequently, we don't go often. Madeline probably lives a lot closer!

beastsbelle said...

Hey Sophie! I was wondering if you knew who it was that you posed with after you visited Kit. She looks similar to #55, but she doesn't appear to have freckles, and her eyes look more green than hazel. Is she, by any chance, a newbie soon to be released, or are my eyes playing tricks on me? ;)

Rhianna and Erin!! said...

Hi Sophie!! You look like you had so much fun at the American Girl Boutique and Bistro! I love your pictures! I also wanted to let you know that I did nominate you for the Your Blog is Great Award! I really love how you always keep your blog updated!

Sophie Amélie Moreau said...

beastsbelle, that's #41 with her hair braided! Like your Emma, if I'm remembering her name right!

Rhianna and Erin, thank you so much for nominating me! You two are some of my favorite AGs on the web, and I love your blog/YouTube/Facebook. :)

Claire said...

Bonjour, Sophie! (I'm trying my hand at French...not that it's any good. ;)) Looks like you had fun at the AG store. I've never been to one since the closest one to our house is a LONG drive away, but I may get to go to one in September.

And I definitely thought that store model looked very much like you and Juliette...the resemblance is very queer, no? ;)


Lovely Lanie said...

I love your outfit! I like window shopping better than real shopping, ecspecially if it means we could see a store as amazing as AG :)

Oneofthedolls said...

The beautiful girl is me Sophie haha or rather my long lost twin! ~ Elle


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