Monday, August 20, 2012

Day 2: Greater Boston Metropolitan Area!

After saying goodbye to Susie's family and friends, we started in the direction of Framingham, Massachusetts (which is part of the Greater Boston Metropolitan Area). Before we could exit New Hampshire, however, we came upon a tiny little hole-in-the-wall called Richmond. This had us bursting out laughing because we are from a place called Richmond (only ours is much, MUCH bigger!). We had to stop at the gas station in town just to say we've been in it! 

Richmond, NH was incorporated in 1752 and held its first town meeting on March 27, 1765. Located in the southwestern corner of New Hampshire, it borders Swanzey, NH; Troy, NH; Fitzwilliam, NH; Royalston, MA; Warwick, MA; and Winchester, NH. There is a beach, a fire station, a town hall, a gas station, a cemetery, a library, and houses. There is not much in the way of shopping! 

Once we were in Massachusetts, we stopped in Concord for lunch and a little shopping. It was here that we called a friend in the area, and since she was free, we decided to stop by her house for a quick visit! We haven't seen this friend in several years, so being able to meet up with her again was a real treat.

While the grown-ups talked, I met some of the girls who live here. This is Hazel Laura, who is actually named after my guardian:

Hazel introduced me to her good friend, Sonali:

After visiting with Hazel and Sonali for a bit, I was starting to get hungry. My new friends pointed me in the direction of the nearest ice cream parlor. After ordering a root beer float, I met Mia St. Clair, another local resident.

Mia was babysitting this darling little girl; isn't she sweet? 

Before I had to leave, I introduced myself to the ice cream parlor's owner, a girl named Mei Ling. She was just finishing up a batch of doughnuts, which I totally would've taken for the road had I not just finished a large root beer float!

After our brief visit, we continued on to Framingham, where we stopped for the night. Can you guess where I was headed next?


P. S. The friend we visited today runs a website called Just Magic Dolls. It's a great resource that compares American Girl dolls with other 18" (or similar) play dolls like Magic Attic Club, Just Pretend, etc. Please check it out, if you haven't already!


sophiaandemma said...

Are you headed to AG place Boston? As twins, we like to go places together if we possibly can so we were just wondering too why Juliette didn't get to come with you on this trip.

Sophie Amélie Moreau said...

Hi Sophia and Emma,

Juliette was going to come with me, but we really didn't have the room in the car. She doesn't enjoy traveling like I do anyway and was swamped with her summer ballet intensive taking up most of her time. I'm the traveler in the family; she's the dancer!


QNPoohBear said...

There's a Richmond here too. It's a small village somewhere south near URI.


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