Friday, August 24, 2012

Day 3: American Girl Natick!

Salut mes amis, 

On August 8th, I got to visit American Girl Natick (the Boston area Boutique & Bistro) again! While I'd been before, I was super excited to be able to meet up with some dear friends from YouTube. We were going to have lunch together! (I'm also told that there was shopping involved, but that's another story!). 

Once we made it into the store, I zoomed (no pun intended!) over to try out Julie's new Volkswagen Beetle! Since Julie was already seated in the passenger seat, I found a seat in the rear, put my hands up, and squealed with delight. Julie said that her mom would be out in any minute to give us a spin in the car, but it took her long enough! I bet Ivy could've driven us . . . 

Once my friends arrived, we headed up to the second floor to get seated for lunch. While our table was being prepped for us, I took a photo with the McKenna photo-op that was available:

Soon I was seated at the table in my very own cushy pink chair! The waitress took our orders and left us to it. 

 These are my friends! Maya is on the far left, while Katherine is seated next to me. We got to know each other better by playing the conversation starters ("Table Talkers") while we waited for our food to arrive.



 As my starter, I ordered this leafy green salad:

Then I ordered this dish of gluten-free pasta, complete with broccoli and chicken. Yum!

Finally, as a birthday surprise (since my 14th birthday was the next day, on August 9th!), Maya and Katherine surprised me with ice cream for dessert! They'd told the waitresses to sing 'Happy Birthday' to me, and boy, was that embarrassing to be the center of attention throughout the whole of the restaurant (but in a good way)! Still, it was a sweet thing for them to do, and I'm very grateful that I got the chance to spend time with them! 

After lunch, the grown-ups did some shopping, but I wasn't allowed to see what they bought. I think some of what they bought were birthday presents for me, hehe! However, Maya and Katherine brought a new friend named Phoebe home, and I got to meet her briefly, too.

That was quite the day! I loved meeting up with friends at an American Girl store! Celebrating my birthday there was extra fun, too.

Have any of you ever celebrated a birthday at an American Girl store? What was it like?



Samantha Parkington said...

Salut, Sophie!
Isn't American Girl Place the best?! It's the best thing about life here in the USA! I went in February. I hung out with McKenna in her amazing bedroom and went shopping for clothes for Justin and Sean.

It looks like you had a great birthday! I loved your outfit in the pictures. The AG place you went to seemed bigger than the Atlanta store.

Maya and Katherine are so pretty! Katherine brought back memories for me-Katherine was the name of my very favorite person at my orphanage. She was like a mother to me. I still miss her, but fortunately I was able to visit her when we went to London this summer.

I LOVE keeping up with your blog posts! I need to get better about blogging.

Sara said...

I love AG Place! I can't wait to find out what the grown-ups got you!

Anonymous said...

Hi Sophie,

It looks like you had a fun time at Natick; my sister and I came from there :).


Anna Lee said...

Wow, Sophie, you are so lucky you got to have a birthday meal at an AG store! That ice cream looks so yummy. :) I hope you get some good presents!

QNPoohBear said...

Those ice creams look delicious. They have the BEST desserts there. The rest of the food you ordered looks disgusting. I'll stick with the sweets.
Susanna's guardian


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