Sunday, April 5, 2009

Au Revoir (pour maintenant)!

You'll never guess where I am now...

On Friday, Laura came home somewhat later than usual (d'accord, that's *so* not relevant), grabbing and pretty much forcing me into the bathroom. "Sophie," she said, "Make yourself look pretty, and get to bed early--tomorrow is going to be a special day."

"Special day?!" I looked to her imploringly, "what is so special about a Saturday?" And then I remembered...Saturday was April 4th. Right, I'd better get ready.

So I did what us 12-almost-13 year old girls do best:

I shaved...What? I AM almost 13!

...I showered (LOL, sorry, no nude pictures here; I have a nudity clause)...

...and went to bed. Getting up early the next morning, I dressed in the new outfit Laura let me order a few weeks ago. Isn't it cute? I don't get to order new outfits often, but Laura said that I needed a new outfit for this occasion--AND we had the benefit of the Chrissa movie code.

And, of course, I styled my hair in my signature hair buns, though lower than I usually wear them.

I was all set to slip quietly out of the dorms--goodbyes are so NOT my thing--when Nathalie came running in. "SOPHIE AMÉLIE MOREAU!" she chastised, "Don't tell me you are leaving without saying goodbye to ME!" And, to make matters worse, she overdramatized the statement--like she always does. This was no good--I didn't want to start crying like a baby because I was about to leave my best friend.

I hugged her, told her I was going to miss her, but promised to keep in touch. She laughed weakly, "Don't make promises you won't keep."

I smiled, but then told her that this was something I HAD to do. HAD to. "Are we still BFF though?" I asked her, half joking yet half serious.

"Of course!" Nathalie grinned, pulling out her camera. "Let's have Laura take a picture of us, and then we can exchange locks of hair!"

As you can see, we did get that picture, but the locks of hair? I mean, come on, how pathetic can you get?! Nathalie may think she's Anne Shirley, but I am not really Diana Barry.


But where did I go? Maybe this picture I took of Lindsey's Felicity doll will clue you in:

If you guessed Colonial Williamsburg, then yes, you are right! Laura and I had decided to attend the AGFMB meet-up to show me off. Okay, not really to show me off, but, you know, being a JLY 25 I am going to get admired. ;) I'll bet my friends Avery, Violet, Sora, and Lyre Chickadee can back me up on this.

Anyway, Laura, her mom, and I decided to drive down there to say hi to fellow AGF'ers, have lunch, and walk amongst the historic buildings. We were especially looking forward to seeing Jeanette, since she's hosted my classmate Anya and quite a few of the traveling girls who've visited here (including my Canadian pal Sophie Berlin!).

We didn't buy tickets or anything, but it was equally nice to stroll along the colonial streets. Here I am at the jail, or gaol, as Virginian colonists called it:

But the real reason for me going with Laura? To be honest, this girl named Felicity would've come along instead, but Laura and Jeanette figured that this Colonial Williamsburg meet-up would be the perfect event for me to switch places with Gracie (Jeanette's AGT 28).

So as I'm writing this, I am in Williamsburg with a lovely Felicity and Little Jeanette (I'm told she normally lives with Ria)...and Gracie? Gracie is with Laura, back in Richmond at our very own Fair Hollow School for Girls. Gracie'll stay with my friends until mid-summer and then she'll join me in Utah. She'll be bringing my traveling box to me because, after my stay with Jeanette, I'll be continuing my travels around the country.

Gracie and I actually got to meet before we officially switched places. Though we look nothing alike, we felt a little like Annie and Hallie of "The Parent Trap."

LOL, I wonder what Gracie's doing now? Hopefully the girls will take it easy on her, but since she's a guest, I'm sure they will. :)

So, dear friends, I'll keep you as updated as I can, and maybe Gracie will post a few things here as well.

Au revoir pour maintenant,

(P.S. I guess I can safely call myself "Traveling Sophie" now!)


Abbey and Chloe said...

You are too cute, Sophie! I loved these pictures! (And especially your yoga outfit) Sonali and Mia won't stop asking when they will get the yoga outfit! :D

Haley said...

Sophie, I am TRES jalouse (to use one of your phrases...see I AM getting better! LOL)
Vee has given me permission to travel if I want but not till the end of the school year, so it's another month and a half of the grind for me. Can't wait till I'm done. Have a good time and don't forget to write!


Wendy said...

Oh, you're so lucky! I just know you'll have a great time in your travels. Can't wait to see lots of pictures and to hear all about it. =)

Livia said...

Che avventura!!! I would love to visit Colonial Williamsburg Mamma has been there and she loves it! That's so exciting that you're going traveling...I wish you could come here and visit us in NY! I would love to meet you et parler en français e in italiano!

Avery V. said...

Comment était Williamsburg?J'aimerais aller là.
You get to go traveling, you are so lucky! I hope you have fun! Is this your first time traveling?
I agree, people just love #25's! :P
I hope that you and Nathalie keep in touch! I would hate having to say good bye to my friends, but you'll make a lot of new friends on your travels!
Funny you mention the Parent Trap, I just watched that movie today!
You look great in your new outfit, and I love how you do your hair! It is really cute!
J'espère que vous aimez voyager.Continuez à actualiser votre blog!

Au revoir pour maintenant,

Kirsten L. said...

That's great you're traveling! Have fun and hopefully I can read and hear all about your adventures!

~Sabine :) said...

Je suis très jalouse! Tu as de la chance!
J'aimerais voyager!

Jane said...

The meeting must have been so much fun! Mum REALLY wanted to go. She's going to go over there next week for her spring break. =] Have fun traveling! Must be so much fun!!! Keep us posted! Love, Jane

Anonymous said...

Sophie, I love your two hair buns! They look so cute on you. How exciting that you get to travel! And you get to go to Utah - you are going to love it! Have a wonderful and safe trip!

Jill, Jilly said...

Violet loves your new outfit, Sophie! Have fun on your travels! You're so lucky, I wish I could go on an adventure again. Sora and Lyre Chickadee say they don't know what you mean about being admired because *someone* is an attention hog here. Don't listen to them though, they get plenty of admiration from Jill even if she does photograph me more.

- Zipporah

♥Sonali♥ said...

You are so lucky! Williamsburg looks beautiful, and so are your photos. I really like that outfit and your hair, too.

Je veux voyager au monde--mais bon voyage à vous! (Is that right? I'm only just starting French...)

MoscowMom said...

Je viens de trouver ton blog et c'est génial! Mes filles adorent leurs poupées American Girl aussi... Souvent j'en fais des photos sur mon blog sur notre vie à Moscou où l'on vit depuis cinq ans. Nous sommes américains, mais aux EU j'étais prof de français et espagnol.

Tes photos sont excellentes! Tu es vraiment douée et créative!

SavannahO's said...

Will you please make a new post?


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