Saturday, March 14, 2009

Les misères avec les devoirs...

Pourquoi je fais mes devoirs à la dernière seconde? Cette semaine a été "Spring Break," et j'ai eu beaucoup des temps à faire mes devoirs....mais pourquoi je n'ai pas finit avec mes devoirs sur le samedi avant les cours commencent encore? Peut-être c'est parce-que je suis paresseuse, mais peut-être c'est parce-que je déteste la géographie! Bien sûr, j'adore voyager à les autres pays, mais la classe de la géographie? Ugh. Bien sûr, je déteste la prof et cet projet! Si la géographie a été comme la mathématique ou les sciences, alors cet projet serait facile.

Why do I do my homework at the last second? This week was Spring Break, and I had a lot of time to do my homework...but why am I not finished with my homework on the Saturday before my classes begin again? Maybe it is because I am lazy, but maybe it is because I dislike Geography! Of course, I love traveling to other countries, but Geography class? Ugh. Of course, I dislike the teacher and this project! If Geography was like Math and the sciences, then this project would be easy.

Mon amie, Nathalie, est venue avec la cuisine chinoise. Elle est finit avec son projet de la géographie, mais elle a promis à aider moi avec mon projet...heureusement!
My friend, Nathalie, came with some Chinese food. She finished with her Geography project, but she promised to help me with my project...luckily!

I just hate how I save everything until the last minute. I don't want to, but then I end up watching TV, hanging out with friends, or anything other than doing what I should be doing. It'll be nice when I'm out traveling and free from responsibility...although my teachers have promised that I'll have some sort of assignment to do on my travels. Darn.

Oh, did you notice my glasses? Sometimes the computer screen hurts my eyes, so glasses help remedy the situation. I don't need them otherwise.

How do you like my new header picture? I think I like it much more than the last one, especially with the wicked sweet polaroid effect.



Haley said...

Hey Sophie, I think your new header is awesome! Which reminds me, I have to get around to changing mine sometime this millenium....
As for homework, I'm usually the opposite, although lately I'm doing a lot of cramming. It's like our teachers wait until the year is almost up to pile the work on. I still haven't finished my social studies project and at this rate it doesn't look like I will.


Wendy said...

Very cool header! And yeah, I'm a procrastinator too. I never mean to, but I always end up putting things off till the last minute. Quinn and I are taking up babysitting to earn pocket money, and there's more and more homework near the end of the year. It's not too fun.

Jane said...

Hello Sophie! I love your new header! It's very cute! ^_^

cateskates said...

Do teachers even like TEACHING geography? I share your opinion on it. I mean, I like learning about other places, but sometimes geography gets sooooo boring. Plus it takes time.
Anyway I love your glasses (of course).
I like the new header but I think your face is kind-of smushed.

jennakat said...

Cute header!
Your laptop rocks!

Avery V. said...

J'aime votre nouvel en-tête!

I am the same way with school work, I wait until the morning it is due to finish!

You look really nice in glasses too.


cateskates said...

It looks a lot less squished now - did you change it?

felicityfan85 said...

That is an awesome header; I didn't know you could make one-mind if I make one for my blog?

Also, I save homework for the last minute, too, but my geography and history homework are fun-traveling!

Jill, Jilly said...

Hey Sophie, love the header!
I'm not doing too well with my schoolwork either. I love learning Spanish but I'm so easily distracted by books and tv and movies and trying new hobbies and everything that I honestly just forget.

Are you going out travelling? Jill won't let me, but we might get to have a visitor this summer.

- Zipporah

~Sabine :) said...

I love your header, by the way...c'est tres chouette!

Geography is very boring. At my old school, the teacher made it very un-exciting. I guess it's a little more interesting here.

J'adore vos lunettes aussi!


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