Sunday, January 25, 2015

French, Forensics . . . and FedEx?!

Salut mes amis,

Do you like my costume? Zee name is Sophie, and I am a classic Frenchie stereotype. Oui, comme Grace Thomas, la fille américaine pour cette année 2015. Yes, I am trying to parody (ahem, "emulate") Grace Thomas, the new Girl of the Year doll who visits Paris in her story. Do you recognize the sweater and scarf that I got for Christmas? 

And yet even though I'm dressed so stereotypically, I can't help but think how cute I look. Then again, I've always been fond of berets. And, before you say that "every Parisian loves berets," they don't. My sister Juliette can't stand them, but she also likes to style her hair. I don't. I like being able to put on a hat and calling it a day.

The real reason for this post is that I was sent a package - a HUGE package all the way from America! It was so huge that I had to push it into my room with the help of both of my parents. Lifting it was definitely out of the question.

It was from my best friends, the Valdez Quintuplets! Sora, Violet, Chickadee, Zipporah, and Lorikeet had sent me a whole science lab in a box for Christmas. Well, pretty much! They sent everything from test tubes and beakers to a fire extinguisher! There were file folders, a glass thermometer, a study lamp, dinosaur models to assemble, textbooks, and storage containers to keep everything safe. They had even printed a whole stack of vintage French diagrams (of the human body, plants, the Periodic Table, etc) for my benefit; I absolutely LOVED these! 

I was so touched by such generous gifts, but not really all that surprised - these girls always go to the greatest lengths to impress me when it comes to sending gifts! They know me so well. Merci beaucoup, Violet, Zipporah, Chickadee, Sora, and Lorikeet! Thank you so much! These items will definitely help me as I pursue my lifelong dream of becoming a forensic scientist . . .

Here is a close-up photo of some of the items I was given. There are three plastic storage bins, a vintage science poster, two textbooks, a fire extinguisher (can never be too careful!), a stack of file folders, and a floral scarf . . .

There are six dinosaur models to assemble. Six! I can open my own natural history museum now.

There are two plastic storage drawers, perfect for storing the test tubes, beakers, and test tube stands. There's a wire rack, a study lamp, a glass thermometer, and then you can see some of the vintage French science diagrams . . .

My favorite gift by far was this Frozen wall hanging. I absolutely adore everything about this movie and cannot wait to add this little piece of Anna and Elsa to my room. It reads, "Only an act of true love will thaw a frozen heart," which makes me laugh. If my heart was ever frozen, it's certainly not anymore. This whole Christmas package is quite the "act of true love"! 

What's your favorite school subject? Do you like science as much as me? 

Ton amie,


Kiki's Korner said...

What an amazing gift! The quints have outdone themselves this time. :) I do love science, and especially ornithology. I am fascinated by birds.

~ Kiki

Susie said...

That's a neat gift!

I'm not really into science myself but Marina is; she wants to be a marine biologist someday.

My favorite subjects in school are music, reading, drama club...and lunch and recess. :)

Even though I'm not really the best at any of them, someday I would love to be a writer, actress and/or singer.

thedollmag said...

Hi Charlie!

We’re Lulu and Bella, and we write an online magazine and blog called The Doll Mag. The two of us have long been fans of your blog, and we look forward to each new post! Anyhoo, we had a question for you about an upcoming article, but we couldn't find your email. If you could write to us at, we would really appreciate it :)

Thank you so much!
Bella and Lulu

thedollmag said...

We've been visiting too many sites! We meant Sophie, not Charlie :)

MyLittleMegara said...

I love that Anna and Elsa picture! Do you know where they got it?

Muffins4sale said...

I like English and Social Sudies


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