Sunday, January 11, 2015

Opening Christmas Presents!

Salut mes amis, 

Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, it was time to open the rest of the presents! We started with our stockings filled by Père Noël, Father Christmas. I hugged my furry blue stocking with anticipation over the goodies that I'd soon find inside.

First, I handed Juliette her own pink stocking. It's always nice to be considerate of others before thinking of yourself, after all.

Reaching deep into the depths of her stocking, Juliette first pulled out a can of lemon-lime soda. Laughing hard, we both knew that this soda can was the inside joke of our own Oncle Bernard - only our Uncle Bernard would stick a can of soda in a stocking!

Next, she pulled out a pretty pink hair clip . . .

. . . and then even more hair clips tumbled out! Juliette will have fun accessorizing her hair this year.

Finally, Juliette pulled out a cross bracelet made with the loveliest of lavender beads. This will be perfect to wear to church!

Then it was my turn. Not surprisingly, I pulled out a can of grape soda first. This time, I managed to keep a straight face . . . at least for a minute anyway! I opened the can, took a swig, and immediately burst out laughing, soda bursting out my nostrils all the while.

After recovering myself, I reached in and pulled out this pair of hairbows in metallic silver. These will go great with outfits in my color scheme, oh yes!

I think Père Noël must know that we Moreau girls like to accessorize because the last thing I pulled out was a bag of jewelry. I now have a new pearl necklace . . .

. . . and a beaded heart charm bracelet perfect for Valentine's Day parties!

Next, we had two large gift bags to open from our parents.

Juliette reached into her bag and pulled out a grey sweatshirt with a genuine The Fault in Our Stars graphic on the front. "Cet sweat-shirt sera parfait à porter avec mes vêtements de danse!" Juliette was excited at finally finding the perfect sweatshirt to wear over her dance clothes.

What did nos parents find for me? I eagerly reached into my gift bag, pulling out . . .

. . . a grey and black-striped sweater, such a wardrobe staple! This will be perfect for school and Science Club meetings. I think my dad picked this one out; he has one just like it in his closet, haha!

Next, it was time to open presents sent to me by friends. This one, I was told, is from my friend Katherine.

Katherine sent me a red fleece poncho that she made herself. Merci beaucoup, Katherine! I love it. Red is certainly my color and one I definitely love to wear.

She also sent me a matching red fleece scarf, which is awesome! I'm so going to layer this over my winter coat this year.

My best friend Nathalie sent me this next one. Of course there's a bonhomme de neige, snowman, on the bag; Nathalie loves snow so much!

I can't believe my eyes! Nathalie sent me a my very own copy of my absolute favorite Harry Potter book - Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix! She must have seen my blog pal Charlie's post about getting her own Harry Potter book.

I can't wait to reread this treasure. Nathalie knows me so well!

Juliette handed me a silver gift box with a tag that said it was from my friend Sadie. Hmm, I didn't know Sadie was sending me a gift. Quelle surprise! 

Inside, I found a zodiac bracelet made for me by Sadie herself. It has all of the colors of the Leo spectrum in it; how pretty!

Here is a close-up of the bracelet. Thank you so much, Sadie! I absolutely love it and will think of you every time I wear it.

The last present was from my friend Susie! I was really reluctant to unwrap this one, not because I wasn't anticipating what was inside (because I was!). I just didn't want to tear up the wrapping paper - it had Princess Anna of Arendelle on it!

I very carefully unwrapped it, in order to save the special gift wrap for my scrapbook. Don't laugh; Frozen is the best movie ever! Queen Elsa is far superior to Princess Anna, though.

Susie sent me a holiday-themed activity book to amuse myself during these cold wintry months.

There are mazes and connect-the-dots, lots of things to keep me busy! Thank you, Susie! I will have fun with this for sure.

We received a lot of nice presents this year; I absolutely love everything! I think I'm going to go put on my new sweater, read some Harry Potter, and drink some grape soda now, hehe. Before I go, have a couple of shots of Juliette and me in front of our silvery Christmas tree.

I hope everyone who celebrated Christmas had a nice one (or had a nice whatever it is you celebrate!). Thanks for letting us share our presents with you!

What was your favorite holiday gift this past year?

Ton amie,

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Melody Silverleaf said...

Love your photos very clear and nice. Also love all the gifts you received! The Fault In Our Stars sweatshirt was really great, so was the striped top. Love, love, love the Harry Potter book!


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