Sunday, January 4, 2015

Le matin de Noël

Salut mes amis,

On Christmas morning, Juliette and I woke up to a special holiday breakfast prepared just for us by Père Noël, Father Christmas. When we saw the warm, freshly baked muffins, eggs, fruit bowl, carton of orange juice, and kettle of hot chocolate awaiting us, we felt like queens!

Doesn't everything look scrumptious?

We decided to make the most of this holiday breakfast by bringing out Isabelle and Cécile, our American Girl dolls. Because dining with dolls makes EVERYTHING special . . . right?

We really enjoyed eating by the sapin de Noël, Christmas tree, and being able to look at the pretty ornaments and lights. Or, at least I did. :P

The muffins turned out to be our favorite treats by far. They were filled with yummy chocolate chips! I think Juliette woofed down two or three, and she normally eats like a bird.

After breakfast, our parents allowed us to open one gift apiece before church services. They handed us each a large gift bag. What could be inside?

I tore into mine first, not caring in the slightest whether I ripped the tissue paper or not. Juliette always takes her time opening presents because she likes to save the wrappings.

It was a dress, a beautiful new blue dress to wear to church! I really liked its vintage look and how it reminded me of something my American Girl doll would've worn.

Juliette also received a new dress to wear to church. Hers was a beautiful satiny magenta-colored dress, complete with a white blouse to wear underneath. 

I wasted no time at all and changed into my dress immediately. Isn't it gorgeous? I love the color! Père Noël knows us both very well. My favorite color is blue, and Juliette's is definitely pink.

Juliette quickly followed suit and changed into her new dress as well, and we took a photo together before heading off to church with our parents and grandparents. We had a pile of presents beckoning to us from underneath the tree, but they would have to wait, parents' orders.

With a special holiday breakfast prepared just for us and new dresses in our signature colors, our Christmas Day was already off to a great start! I certainly couldn't ask for anything better.

What was your Christmas morning like? Did you open all of your presents right away, or did your parents make you wait? What did you get for Christmas? 

Ton amie,


Lucy said...

Lovely photos and you both look gorgeous in your new outfits!

Ginny and June said...

Merry Christmas girls! It looks like you both had a wonderful Christmas!! Your new dresses are gorgeous!

Sohail Ahmed said...
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