Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Un paquet pour moi?

 Salut mes amis,

This afternoon started off like any other. When the final bell rang, Juliette and I gathered up our books, grabbed a quick snack over at The Copper Horse Pub & Eatery, and walked to our dorm room. Setting my books aside, I promptly settled onto my bed to eat my snack while simultaneously checking Facebook on my iPad.

Meanwhile, Juliette didn't have the time to relax. Quickly reorganizing her book-bag, she prepared herself for her first tutoring session that was slated to start in a few minutes. "À tout à l'heure, Sophie! Souhaite-moi bonne chance!" Juliette waved, picked up her bag, and proceeded out the door.

Before I could wish her luck, she reappeared in the doorframe with a large package in her arms. Evidently, today's mail had already been delivered! "Salut, Sophie? Tu as un paquet?" Juliette looked at me as if unsure what to do.

"Peux-tu m'apporter le paquet, s'il te plaît?" I asked, beckoning her over to me, "Et une paire de ciseaux aussi?" 

When I had the package on my lap and the scissors in my hand, Juliette turned to go. "Je dois aller! Peux-tu me montrer les matières du paquet quand je reviens?" She asked before leaving. She was curious about what was inside the package, but there was no way she could miss her first tutoring session.

I flipped the package over, examined its return address, and smiled. "Quelle surprise!" I said aloud, though to no one in particular as I was alone in the room. Once I'd cut the package open, I started to pull out . . .

. . . a familiar-looking box! I gasped aloud, "Surely this couldn't be . . . ?"

There was only one way to find out.

Tipping the whole package upside down, the box easily slid out, landing on my lap with a thud. I could see that it really was what I'd thought it was; it really was something I've long desired.

"Mon Dieu, c'est une poupée de fille américaine! C'est Cécile!" I exclaimed excitedly, throwing my hands up into the air for the effect, "I can't believe Inky and her Mama bought me an American Girl doll - and the very one that I wanted, too! How'd they know?!"

I'd been wanting Mademoiselle Cécile Amélie Rey since she was released because of her French background and the fact that we had a middle name in common! I wasn't sure my parents would consent to buying me an American Girl doll, however, and I definitely didn't expect to receive one as a gift from a friend like Inky. . .

I took a deep breath, then slowly lifted the lid of the box that lay before me . . .

. . . and there she was, the perfect doll! At least, the perfect doll, in my eyes. For several minutes, I just looked at her, too mesmerized by her beauty to do anything else.

Picking up the hardcover copy of Meet Cécile, I thumbed through the pages, scanned the illustrations, and read the summary on the book jacket. I knew at once that it would be the next book I'd read; I just hoped the library had the rest of the series!

Finally, I laid the book aside and carefully began to release the doll from her neck and leg restraints. Once she was free, I picked her up, noting how much I loved everything from the satiny feel of the vibrant blue dress to the perfect mass of dark curls on her head. I squealed with delight over her tiny black, button-up boots and her long, lacy pantalettes, then marveled over the wondrous smell of her vinyl skin.

I took her into my arms, cradling her as I would a newborn baby. Bending down so that my lips met her rosy cheeks, I gave her a quick kiss. "Bienvenue, Cécile," I said, "Welcome home! I shall take good care of you, and someday maybe I'll convince Maman and Papa to bring home your dear friend Marie - Grace for my sister, Juliette. I do hope you won't miss her too terribly in the meantime!" I hugged Cécile tightly and then turned back to my iPad, my new doll sitting on my lap.

Merci beaucoup, Inky! Thank you so much! Please thank your Mama for me as well! I will take good care of my lovely new Cécile!

Do you have an American Girl doll (or another doll)? When did you get her? Any special story behind getting a doll? Please do share! 

Ton amie,


Emily said...


I don't have any dolls, but my sister, Kit, has one that looks like her. Of course, she is more into playing with her Harry Potter figurines. Your doll is very pretty!


The Valdez Quintuplets said...

We each have two dolls, a historical and a mini-me. First came the historicals, for our ninth birthday. Tatiana got Felicity, Violeta got Samantha, Sabina got Molly, Catalina got Julie and I (Zipporah) got Josefina. We'd spent hours, days, weeks, months, years, discussing which we'd choose for our first AG. Mama and Papa wouldn't let us get them until we were nine, even though we've been fans much longer.

This year we turned eleven, and they surprised us with mini-us-es! Originally we named them after women we admire, but we're thinking of changing their names.

Congratulations on Cecile! That was so nice of Inky to surprise you.

The Spicys said...

Hi Sophie! We adore your beautifully made stop motion video's, we were wondering if we could interview you on that subject! Please email us at and we will send our questions! Thanks!

The Spicys!

sophiaandemma said...

yes we all have AG dolls. Some of us got the special 25th anniversary ones. It's kind of a welcoming tradition in our house to get a doll for each new person who arrives to live here:)

Wendy said...
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Wendy said...

Your Cecile doll is so lovely! Congratulations! I have lots of dolls, but only one AG -- Molly. I got her for the last night of Hanukkah when I was 10. It was a complete shock! My dad had been hinting that I'd get a book. I had no idea the book would be bundled with my dream doll! =D

Amanda Quinn Nightingale said...

I have three AGs, Emily, Julie and Cecile! I love them all, but if I had to pick a favorite it would be CeCe. She's just so pretty! I love your blog and would love it if you checked mine out!


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