Tuesday, June 12, 2012

'Your blog is great!' award

Hey everyone, 

My friend Marsali (as well as Rhianna and Erin!) recently nominated my blog for the 'Your blog is great!' award. Thank you so much, Marsali, Rhianna, and Erin! I really appreciate the acknowledgment! :) 

I don't know who has or hasn't gotten this award already (and if you have, I apologize!), but I will tag:

1. The Spicys!
2. Super Inky!
3. Wendy's Life
4. Karen mom of three's craft blog
5. The Green Girls



Wendy said...

Thanks, Sophie! =)

The Greens and The Roses said...

Thanks for the award! We appreciate it, and will post about it soon. :-)

The Greens and The Roses


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