Sunday, March 1, 2009

J'adore la neige (et je suis heureuse)!

D'accord, I'm posting yet AGAIN today, although, to be fair, it's almost midnight and the next day. *shrugs* It's just easier for me to update on weekends, and besides, it's really not all *my* fault for posting so many back entries. Laura, my teacher, just didn't download the pictures off her camera until today, so yeah, not my fault.

But the reason why I'm posting now is that it starting snowing today--that's right, on March 1st--and didn't stop until it accumulated about four inches. D'accord, it's not so much for someone like Violet who is used to snow every winter, but since coming here, I've yet to see anything more than a few flurries. Until now.

I just hope I won't get sick again because the weather here is very indecisive. It's warm, then cold, then warm, then cold again, just like that. I don't know what to wear most of the days, I swear.

'Course I don't care either way because I've got a SNOW DAY tomorrow! Laura says that she's even going to cancel her own classes because there is no way she is traveling on icy roads to go to two classes. So, I'll got an extra day to study (because I didn't spend one moment studying tonight--too excited) AND to play in the snow a a little more--what fun!

All bundled up and playing in LA NEIGE!

Nathalie says that she misses Montréal more than ever, now that she's reminded of snow. Still, she had a lot of fun, even without skis or hockey rinks.

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Haley said...

This weather is just plain crazy. On Friday it was 80 degrees and now it's freezing cold. No snow here, just darn cold. But then again, I'm from Pennsylvania, I'm used to it. :P I just have to let folks like Harriet get used to it.
The snow is so pretty, especially when you don't have to go out in it.
Guess you're taking the time to really catch up on your email and blog posts. :P


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