Sunday, March 1, 2009

Une tristemente histoire [A Sad Story]

A few weekends back, my teacher brought home a beautiful parakeet to babysit. Its owner had forgotten to take him home, and she didn't want the parakeet to be by itself.

The weekend went great, considering we'd never taken care of a bird before. Even the gigantic cat was nice enough that she didn't eat him...though she most definitely wanted to...but life was great for Mr. Parakeet until he went back home at the start of the week.

Apparently, he lived with this naughty little girl who decided that she no longer wanted a bird as a pet. So what did she do? She fed the poor thing sugared cereal! So my dear, dear parakeet friend is no longer living.

So, RIP, Mr. Parakeet. Sure, you weren't eaten by a cat, but you didn't deserve to die the way you did.

See? I knew some Americans were up to no good! I just hope this stupid little kid doesn't get another bird...or do anything else stupid.

1 comment:

Haley said...

Poor parakeet. My cousin Nicki says cruelty to animals is never a good thing.
On a less serious note, LOL, you seem to be more than making up for your lack of posts the last few weeks. :P



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