Sunday, March 1, 2009

Le 13 février: un jour du film

We had a special day at school on February 13th. It started out like no other...we studied fractions in Math, followed by a book discussion in English, followed by lunch, gym class, and then Science...or so we thought. Just as we were about to open our science books to Chapter 4, the intercom blasted a message, "Will all students please report to the auditorium?"

At that, everyone leapt up excitedly. "What could it mean?" several of us pondered. I glanced at Nathalie quizzically, "Did we do anything wrong?"

Nathalie shrugged her shoulders, unable to guess, but urged me forward, "Let's hurry and get the best seats in the place. The "best" seats were the ones in the back, obviously, where students could get away with talking and not be heard.

Once all of the classes filed into the auditorium and found their seats, a girl stepped up onto the stage in front of the large movie projector that was now paused on a DVD menu. This girl, Anya Romankov, was none other than the unofficial class president, the peppy girl who made sure we all stayed in line. Popular? Not really, but not a nerd either. You know that girl who always seems to be increasingly nice, never ever having a bad day? That's Anya. Figures she's a cheerleader, too.

Anya cleared her throat, trying to get our attention, but it wasn't until another student gave a loud whoop! that any of us settled down to listen.

"Ahem, as you know, I am your class president, and as class president, it's my duty to expose my fellow classmates to certain films that provoke discussion. It has also come to my attention that a certain amount of bullying may be taking place under our school roof, and...," Anya started.

"Bullying?" I scoffed, "Since when?"

Anya didn't hear me, of course, but several students that did snickered.

She continued, "...with the release of "Chrissa Stands Strong," I figured that it wouldn't hurt to watch it. So...after our vice president, Isabel, passes out cookie samples from her mother's bakery, let us get this party started!" Anya gave a fake-sounding cheer, much to our dismay.

"We're watching Chrissa?" Nathalie gasped, "Why?"

"Supposedly we have an onset of bullying," I giggled, but I wasn't looking forward to the movie showing at all. This movie was the LAST movie I wanted to be caught watching, and I most definitely wished to be back in science class--I was one of the rare few who actually LIKED Science. "Hey, Bethany," I poked the girl sitting in front of me in the back, "Definitely pay attention to this movie because YOU'RE the one to blame for us having to watch it."

Bethany turned around, her green eyes flashing with anger, "Yeah, and I suppose the little French girl never gets into trouble..."

"Me? I get into the trouble? Je ne pense pas... [I think not]."

We quieted down as the movie began to play...which I guess wasn't that bad for a direct-to-DVD flick...but I definitely won't be watching it again. The funny thing is that Anya seemed to be ENJOYING it. I swear that girl has issues...or maybe it's just American girls period. Seriously, I have't met a single American here that has been nice to me, though--is France really that bad? Or am I over-exaggerating things?

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Haley said...

Haha, been there, DONE that. I'm class president so I had to do the presentation. My post on it is here:


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