Monday, March 2, 2009

La Neige: 2ème Jour

Nathalie, Anya, Lindsey, Baby Reagan, and I went a-frolicking in the snow again today. We thought we'd try the giant purple snow dish that Laura got a few years back and has never been able to use (well, outdoors anyway because a few crazy girls DID slide down the stairs in it: see picture).

C'est très amusant, despite not having many hills to go down...until, like clockwork, Lindsey pushed me off the snow dish. Well...I don't know if she did intentionally (and Nathalie might've aided in the process, as her foot was right there), but I sure fell into the snow and was covered in it, lol. I felt like le bonhomme de neige, that is, Frosty the Snowman...and I was DETERMINED to get Lindsey back. So what did I do? Can anyone say, "Snowball Fight?" will probably start back tomorrow, which means that I won't be writing 10 or so posts in one day, but Spring Break is only a week away. That's kind of ironic, actually, what with this late winter storm we just had.



Haley said...

The snow is beautiful, Sophie. I'm jealous. Here, it's just plain cold. I thought I'd put away my winter things, but I had to break out my jacket this morning.
Enjoy the snow!


Wendy said...

Aww, your pictures are so nice. It never snows here. Ever. Well once. 11 years ago. A few months before I was born. It's really sad. Our winters only last like a week and a half, lol.

Livia said...

Che divertente! Mi piace la neve da morire, ma sono proprio pronto per la primavera! È la mia stagione preferita.

Anonymous said...

The snow is so pretty, Sophie! I love the pictures of you with snowflakes on your hat and clothes. The sledding looks so fun! All our snow has melted away (for now) but it's still cold. I'm ready for spring NOW!

Abbey and Chloe said...

Hey! This is Abbey and Chloe! Our dolls have a blog, too and we just discovered yours! We love it! We added it to "Our Favorite Blogs" is that ok? Well check out ours, (well, our dolls) sometime, ok?


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